Many it is “cheap” and “effective way” for brand

Many marketers claim that social media is an “effective and cheap way to reinforce brand loyalty, gain new customers and allow customers to interactwith brands.” But is it true, or, in matter of fact, how easy it is to execute? Let’s have a look on these 2 different cases for more insight on this broadstatement.A MILLION DOLLAR CAMPAIGN THAT “SUCCESS OVERNIGHT”In last year people hardly ignore the TV campaign of “Dien May Xanh” as it broadcasting everywhere on the internet, via multiple social mediachannels. Catchy song and melody, easy to remember lyrics, so on and so forth makes people think of this campaign as the case of “popular over night”rather than a marketing plan that is carefully executed by the The Gioi Di Dong team. One cheap viral clip and suddenly so your product are sold outeverywhere. But little that they know, the success of this campaign is not measured by the number of views and shares on the Youtube, Facebook orany social media but by the increase in sales happen long before the viral effect come after. In short, the campaigns have already achieved it goals bymany means and the viral of the TVC is just an “unexpected success” follow after. Besides, this campaign spend far more than what is identified as”cheap”, it actually cost more than hundred billions across many months of prepare and deliver.DUMB WAYS TO DIEOn contrast, this smart social media campaign from Melbourne Metro Team are actually satisfy both criteria of “cheap” and “effective” as it costs onlyaround 50.000$ and take less than several months to spread the message across the internet about safety around trains. The campaign is nationallyaccepted due to it’s fun nature, engaging and extremely creative execution. Not only viral video but the team also follow up with application, game andposter at each subway station. “Creativity and Entertaiment” is the key, said the developed team.THE LESSONFrom both cases, we can learn a couple things about social media. First, it is easy for brands to access many social media channels and bring brandmessage on these channels. But whether it is “cheap” and “effective way” for brand to get new customers and build loyalty or not, it more depends onthe product nature itself, the acceptance of customers towards brand message and how creative it is. Creativity is an essential key point to get themessage to go across multiple social media platforms, but sometimes it is not even “cheap”, like the case of “Dien May Xanh”. Creativity can cost branda lot, as it is hard to measure the campaign before it introduced to the market.To make marketing on social media cost effective and deliver proper result, brand must understand it’s segment; target audience/ their behaviour oneach platforms; ensure creativity; what kind of message they about to deliver; how are they going to measure the effectiveness of such campaign. Onlythen, they can keep social media as “cheap” and “effective way” to reach new customers, build brand loyalty.