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Management and LeadershipThe role of a management is to coordinate where they are able to ensure that all functions of the business are able to work together to achieve the goals that the business wants. To be able to communicate information so that relationships between management and employees are not strained due to the lack of miscommunication. In charge of delegating tasks this always for the trusting of employees as well as skills and confidence is gained.Leadership shows us what the future should look like  because employees are able to visualize the mission of the business and are inspired to make it come to reality despite the challenges in the way which may hinder their progress.  Mr Kroc had already started planning how people would invasion McDonald’s in the future because he had a mission to achieve and make it a well known brand that everyone would want to come to and spend their monies worth. His vision was to hopefully be the sole owner because he was able to identify that Mac and Dick were to comfortable with where their business was and that they were too close minded not being open to change. The first strategy was to convince the brothers into franchising their business and allow hid to scout for potential locations. The goals and objectives were to have enough stores in different locations and some day take the brand international into different countries if they were to become a success locally. The form of social network Mr Kroc had was to go around telling businesses people to buy into the franchise and that their return on investment would be high should the business thrive. The business culture was to recruit the best people who would be able to help the business achieve greater heights and not remain mediocre.Kroc was very persistent because he would never give up . He knew that a opportunity as such as this could not go to waste and that him leading with the drive he had soon other people would want to follow him such as Harry Sonneborn. Sonneborn helped Kroc become the boss of the business and he taught him the tricks and the trade of how to buy out the brothers out of their own business. The motivation he gave his employees was to believe in themselves and to think out of the book almost in a way where you would chase the next adrenaline rush in order to better yourself and the business. Predominantly Kroc made most of the decisions on he thought would be good for the business and tried to make Mac and Dick envision the direction which the business would be able to be successful in the long run.Kroc had the self management competency as he had a personal drive for success as he no longer wished to be a 55 year old man who was still trying to sell milkshake mixers to fast food companies but instead to make a name for himself and be a force to recon with . His lifestyle may have not been balanced because he was constantly on the road and chasing deal after deal not really having a fixed place to reside in . His attitude to other may have appeared as arrogant because he knew what he had wanted and what it was going to take for him to reach that .Bibliography Summary . Accessed 22 January 2018 . Accessed 23 January 2018 Accessed 24 January 2018 Accessed 25 January 2018 Accessed 27 January 2018 Accessed 29 January 2018 Accessed  30 January 2018Executive SummaryRay Kroc was a salesman from Illinois with the mentality of a hustler always looking for the next big thing that could make a lot of money. Before he met Mac and Dick MacDonald he was a man peddling five-spindle milkshake makers which always had him on the road from one restaurant to another in hopes that he would be able to sell his products He meets Mac and Dick who own a Hamburger establishment in San Bernardino, California in the 1950’s . Impressed by the system the brothers were using and the potential it had to generate so much profit . He is able to convince the small minded brothers into franchising the business and within three franchises were open within a month.Ray Kroc was able to position himself into situation where he was able to see that this business would be a billion dollar empire and he was able to pull it off . Although, most of his friends were not convinced that he would be able to pull it off and that he was crazy.When the McDonald brothers introduced the system of Fordism into their business it went from taking people as employees to making them factory workers in a way and it completely changed the fast food industry turning it upside down. This shows the milestones that can be achieved by just a single handshake that would change everythingRay Kroc embodies American capitalism vs Self – Interest  because he made his fortune over the backbone of the original founders and was able to go in for the corporate kill. He was able to achieve this because the brothers were somewhat naïve and were unable to see that they had let a wolf in sheeps clothing come in and capitalise off of their nativity.  Conflict ManagementThis is a argument between two or more parties that see their argument as a threat to their needs, interests and concerns. There are tops types of conflict which is functional and dysfunctional. Functional is non-aggressive because it allows creativity to stimulate and new ideas to flow that nobody is stuck in the same routine and providing the best to their abilities. Dysfunctional is more aggressive and it hampers the work that needs to be done because everyone’s focused at being right one and the task at hand is turn compromised because no work has been done .There was intense dysfunctional conflict between Kroc and the McDonald brothers because they were constantly clashing over who is the real boss and who it just the employee with higher privileges. The constant clashing was over who thought they that knew what was best for the business and how to achieve great amount of success.The ability to deal with change wad a factor because Kroc wanted to bring in new ideas in how to attract customers and increase their target market and adding new ideas on better the original menu that was already established. Since the brothers were only used to having one store and having control over it . It may have scared them because change was happening all to fast and they had realised that their control was not as tight as thru would have wanted it to be . Having three new stores open in less than a month was all too much because nothing was going at their own rate . Kroc bombarding them with new stores and ideas made them realise that the brothers were no longer in-charge but instead everything belonged to everyone .Communication skills were lacking because nobody was listening to one another because when one would suggest a idea the other would shut it down immediately because it was either their way or the high way. Their manners were not understandable or clear enough because one would continue with whatever no matter what . There were no regular meetings for feedback because it was never suggested or brought up. If only they had been listening to each other , there would be no process of buying out the brothers and Ray Kroc having the McDonalds brand all to himself. They brothers would have received their royalties owed to them. Since the royalty agreement was made by handshake, the brothers had no way off proving that it was real , there families would be able to receive them.Both parties could have used the compromise system where both could have had equal powers since it would have been a mutual give and take situation as well as negotiation where there differences could have been sorted out because it’s s suitable approach to sort out any conflict that was arising.?Professionalism and EthicsThe relevance Code of Ethics has is different from culture to culture in different business because it describes the values , Ethics and beliefs because it lays down the standard of acceptable behavior within in the business. The reduces the uncertainty of what it acceptable or not acceptable especially if a new employee comes into the business. If the employees of the business are able to comply then they may face disciplinary action against them . This also allows the customer to feel protected and safe . ?