Management Back in school, I was shrewd and always

Management is an important aspect to any organization and this system requires to be firm to guide the organization towards goal accomplishment. I felt my inclination to the  field of management during my  tenure as a Systems Engineer. Working in a team,  I realized how much I wanted the liberty to promote or at least present in a positive light people who have the urge to perform and grow. This made it evident on how much being an inspiring leader mattered to me not just on personal grounds, but also on professional grounds. To satiate my professional desires, I would want to pursue my graduate taught course in Management at UCD.There is no elevator to success,  you have to take the staircase and school is the first among many. Back in school, I was shrewd and always made sure that I kept up the perfect record of my grades; easily fitting in the top 10 students of my batch. I did not limit myself to the academics; I was an elected member of the student council that gave me the privilege to work towards the good of the school community. Besides this, being a student of Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance that originated in Tamil Nadu for over 13 years now, I have participated in many inter school dance competitions. I was a part of the team that won the runner-up trophy in the National Level Volleyball tournament held in Karnataka, India in the year 2008.I completed my Bachelor of Engineering, an undergraduate course, in the field of Computer Science at N. M. A. M. Institute of Technology, in the year 2016. The college is affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum and is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi. Apart from the technical curriculum, subjects like “Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning”, “Engineering Management” and “Business Intelligence and its Application” were also included in the syllabus, imbibing in us, the importance of management to any organization. During the final year of my undergraduate course, I started off my work on the project “Traffic Vigilance System” under the guidance of Mr. Manjunath Prasad H. R. It was developed for RTO (Regional Transport Office), Department of India, who ensures that the traffic laws are followed by every Indian citizen. The web application was structured on the platform of JavaServer Faces, a Java specification for building component-based user interfaces for web applications. This project enables the traffic police to levy fines against offenders conveniently, using a smart phone. Towards the end of semester 7, I got an opportunity to do my internship at Infosys Limited as “Systems Engineer Trainee” and completed the other half of my project at Infosys. This internship provided me a platform to meet people from different Indian states and varied background. During the entire six months, we were trained on different technical subjects and there were learning and development sessions conducted that promoted and encouraged us to apply innovative ideas to our work and explore our design thinking skills. For developing the project, we had to put to practical use of the theoretical knowledge gained in these courses. Considering the time constraint, I learnt the need to be proactive and delegated individual responsibilities to team members based on their knowledge and capabilities. This helped us gain faster and efficient results. Alongside, frequent use of library and internet search had to be carried out which helped us gain knowledge in a wider scale within and outside set curriculum.  Altogether, this let us explore our perseverance and our competence in finding solutions. With wide range of opportunities made available at N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology, I was lucky enough to grab on to one such opportunity wherein I actively participated in organizing an event conducted during TechNidarshan. This is a National Level technical fest which provides a platform for students to exhibit their technical talent. Besides, workshops on current affairs and a variety of entertainment programmes are also carried out.  Being a part of a group that helped the underprivileged in terms of education, food and clothing, I had a good time conducting events and activities in the orphanages. We have so much to learn from these kids who are grateful to what they have in life and it feels wonderful to do your part in such activities; witnessing a smile on their brave faces is soothing. With blood donation camps conducted every year at N. M. A. M. Institute of Technology, I made it a point to participate in this good deed of contributing to the society. Active participation in cultural events was an absolute necessity considering my love and special interest for Bhartanatyam, an Indian classical dance form. Having keen interest in the developments within the business world, I aspire to explore the different aspects of the growing market. With special focus on the International aspects of business and management, designed to meet the changing needs of today’s global companies, I aspire to become a successful Management Consultant. Wondering what the future holds is uncertain at any age and the future of work is skittish . But I strongly believe that pursuing this course  will help me cultivate my analytical capabilities and channelize my professional growth in the right track. Also, possessing an undergraduate degree in a subject that is not related to business, I am certain that this programme will equip me with management skills that are necessary for me to successfully lead and manage any team/organization  in today’s complex business environment . With sound foundation in the key areas of management, I will definitely be able to fulfill my aspiration of being a successful Management Consultant in the years to come. The key aspect that draws my attention is the curriculum at UCD that is constantly updated by the latest trends and the comprehensive course structure makes it the best choice for me to pursue the Graduate Taught course in Management, here. This University will provide me a platform to develop the skills required to undertake, analyze and complete my research work and independent assignments. A special mention to the integrated careers programme and one-to-one career appointments conducted in order to support and advice the students throughout their journey in the University. Hence to start off with my graduate coursework, I am looking forward to get an admit in your renowned University and enhance my knowledge and skill necessary to guide any organisation to high performance in a distinct and multicultured international business context. I will put in enough effort and prove to be commendable in the chosen course. Thank You!