Malala Taliban made women and girls wear hijabs. Malala

Malala Yousafzai is a teen activist fighting for girls education. She grew up in Swat Valley, Pakistan. Her father was the principal of the local school. She liked school and studied a lot. She was at the top of the class. She had a normal childhood and everything changed one day. A man named Radio Mullah spoke on the radio one night in 2006. He was also known by his pseudonym Fazlullah. He began talking about how women should not leave the house and for girls to not attend school. He declared that it was “Not Islamic”. This was not the current law of Pakistan. Malala’s mother like most others thought he was joking. Malala and her father took this seriously. They knew he wasn’t right. Everyone was talking about him in school the next day. Malala did not want to discuss this with anyone. Fazlullah continued to speak on the radio. The country’s political situation changed rapidly when he got together with the Taliban. They imposed restrictions on women going out and girls attending school. The Taliban made women and girls wear hijabs. Malala refused to follow this. Around this time, her father began speaking out in public against the new restrictions. Fazlullah began shutting down girls schools. The BBC heard about this and wanted to investigate this situation from within Swat Valley. They wanted somebody to write a blog about life in Pakistan under the control of the Taliban. They found someone to write a blog but the parents made her back for fear of the Taliban. Malala was picked to write about life in Pakistan. She was quoted saying “I want every girl, every child to be educated.” One day her father told her that all the girls’ schools had been shut down. Malala became even more focused on her blog. She continued to study hard. A few weeks later some of the girls schools reopened secretly. Malala became a threat to the Taliban. They warned her to stop writing her blog or they would kill her. Malala didn’t stop. One day after school Malala was on her way back home. Her brother was hesitant to get on the girls bus. He decided to walk home instead. This proved lucky for him.On board the bus, Malala was busy chatting and laughing with her friends. The next moment, she was shot in the head. She was rushed to the hospital. Her parents came immediately to her side. The doctors said that there was very little that they could do to treat her. She was airlifted to England. She was in a coma. She had to undergo multiple surgeries. It was a long 18 month recovery. She decided to stay back in England after she recovered. She now attends Oxford University and wants to major in philosophy and political science. She hope to have a career in politics some day.