Malala eventually, the Taliban got word of the blog

Malala Yousafzai was born on July 12 1997 in Mingora Swat, Pakistan. The Taliban invaded Malala’s town in 2007 when she was ten years old. In an interview, Malala describes this time as one of the toughest for her and her fellow women and girls living in the town. When Malala was eleven, she agreed to an anonymous blog for BBC Urdu detailing her daily life during the invasion. In an interview, Malala describes how her father was a great support to her blog and school work. Malala’s father ran a chain of schools and is a huge supporter of girls’ rights to education. But eventually, the Taliban got word of the blog that was proving effective to warn civilians of the terrorists’ horrible actions. The Taliban threatened to physically harm the person behind the blogs. Malala again explains that she and her father would not take the Taliban’s threats seriously and that they would carry out their manhunt for the “anonymous” blogger. Of course Malala was wrong. They believed that the Taliban would not go as far to hurt a child until one day when Malala got onto the bus like normal to leave school. As they drove steadily, everything became eerily quiet as Malala describes. A younger-looking man stopped them and asked if this bus was the Khushal school bus. Another man jumped into the back asking where Malala was. Of course Malala didn’t hear the bullets or remember the men. Malala woke up in a strange place with whirring machines days later in Birmingham, England. All of the people there had many questions for Malala. One of the worst parts was that Malala couldn’t respond. She had a funny tube sticking down her throat and her hands would not work the way she wanted to. But she wrote on a piece of paper with a pen anyway. Malala had questions, too. Lots of them. She wanted to know is her family was safe, where she was, and much more. Malala’s questions were answered in a matter of time, and her funny tube was removed, too. Malala’s family came to England, and played a huge part in her rehabilitation. Malala loved to watch movies to pass her time in the hospital. She especially loved Shrek. for some reason, she just fell in love with the big green ogre and talking donkey. Malala also had multiple surgeries to improve her hearing and senses. She had a receiver put into her ear and a metal plate put in as part of her skull. Malala also wanted to go outside and see her new home. So while numerous reporters, journalists, and celebrities crowded outside of the hospital, Malala, a couple of nurses, and her Mother snuck out the back exit and spent their day at a park. Malala saw new flowers and old ones from her home. She would point familiar sights and say “Oh! we have this at home, too!” Or “Wow, I can’t believe that is here, too!”