Making between employees. H & M employees are young


        Making a decision, choosing an alternative from a lot of variants available at a given moment, is an essential component of H & M. Decisions are the basis of every success of the company. Management is an important socio-professional category in the life of a modern society whose economic progress is not indifferent. The manager with the functions that he / she fulfills has one of the keys to the success of his team.

A company’s human resources department typically manages employee complaints. These complaints often come in the form of a problem with colleagues and managers. The department plays an important role in resolving differences and helping employees feel as comfortable at work as possible, but also in settling conflicts between employees.

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H & M employees are young and dynamic with an unlimited ambition, this ambition is supported by their manager who encourages them throughout their career at H & M. But as in any team, there are sometimes conflicts between staff, here is always the manager of the team that solves the conflicts. The company’s profit depends on the staff mood. A team that always quarrels or is stressed no longer focuses on the company’s goal but on the issues that they have between them, here comes the manager who, if he can not resolve the conflict, resorts to conciliators or moves to other departments. When the team has a good mood, it is working with more dedication to the company and this is also observed in the relationship with the manager. From this we come to the conclusion that indeed the manager’s decisions are influenced by the team and his mood, the manager is the head of his team, he depends on many tasks and responsibilities.

Communication to motivate employees should be done taking into account their needs, the factors that make them work better, and those who are more ambitious to achieve better results. Employee involvement in organizational and management activities can improve the environment work, you can broaden the departmental tasks, thus improving employee participation in the work process.

Maintaining good employee relations helps reduce workplace conflict, raise staff morale and increase overall productivity.

In order to maintain good relations between employees, the manager plays a very important role. The manager has to inform his team about the important activities of H & M and its success, the manager must be close to his employees so they will have a place to learn what they do not know or could improve their skills when employees fall into a daily routine the manager has to motivate them. Happy employees are more confident and productive. They take on increased responsibilities more efficiently.