Looks the business (Pilbeam, 2011). It can include elements

Looks good cosmetics is a family run small independent business based in north London with a group
of 20 cosmetics traditional shops around London, as well as online based shop.
The company will be facing many challenges due to the uncertainty of Brexit, the
national living wage, and their technology used within the business and the
opportunities the firm needs to change rapidly. The first part of this report
will address the importance of conducting a labour
market analysis and the performance criteria suggested for looks good cosmetic
to judge the effectiveness of long and short-term talent and succession
planning. Finally the last part of this report will address the reflection of
the interview practical.



















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A labour market
analysis is a process of identifying and establishing the appropriate
environment for employees and management in various positions. It also
identifies the market trends such as ancillary pay, merit and pays practice;
this is to prevent any damaging factors to the business (Pilbeam, 2011). It can
include elements and the operations to the demand of labour and supply of labour
which will tell the business in statistics available to work with the right
skills. This consists of the hiring activities, the offering of a job and the
search for workers. It also looks at the labour
workforce number and what it is made of, such as gender, education and ethnic

 As HR’s role is of
strategic importance to Look Good Cosmetics, Human resources would need to
consider the long term and short term planning of their critical operations.
This will involve training and development, recruitment and selection, human
resource planning, reward and retention and career management.  This is exceptionally important because of
‘Looks Good Cosmetics’ key challenges on growth rates, people resourcing and
their online retail sector. Areas in which the labour
market analysis also involves are the internal and external market. In the
internal labour market analysis are the fears in an organisation such as ‘looks
good cosmetics’ dynamics that attractions, retention, and development, not excluding the rewards that could motivate
workers, this is why conducting it helps make a right decision if or when a
change is needed or occurs  (Limited,

Looking into the external labour
market, for instance, the referendum vote in 2016 could affect many businesses
including ‘Looks Good Cosmetics. In the case of LGC, a decrease to the English
pound has caused the cost of supply from abroad to increase whereas this would
not have been an issue until the vote. Since the demand for looks good
cosmetics is currently high with their online sales are doing well This shows
why it is important for ‘looks good cosmetics’ to conduct an analysis as part
of their planning strategy before the results of the referendum as it could
have saved the costs, meet the demand and maybe having enough time in looking
for an alternative market with their supply (Limited, 2017).


Below are some factors of the labour market analysis and what it involves if one is conducted:


•    in order to
continue with look good cosmetics online
business, their focus should be their supply
chain and logistics management. As this
will help with their high demands with the online services and may possibly
increase sells if customers are satisfied, for instance how the process of the transportation
is operated and performed.

•    Focusing on the online revenue is logically ideal for the
business to close few stores which receive the less income.  This could help increase profits for the
online services and improve with innovation in the technology world/sphere (The
National B2B Centre, 2017).


•    As many of Looks
Good Cosmetics staff is mainly from EU countries, the effects of Brexit could
also reduce the number staff as many may have no choice but return to their
home or even feel not wanted in the UK.

•    If ‘Look Good
Cosmetic’ chooses to close some of their stores, for instances in areas which
have lacked good sales and performance turnover, this could reduce the overhead
cost and expenses which could be used for recruiting new staff where
performance is doing well.


•    Recruiting staff
locally may help with the potential loss in personnel if or when Brexit takes
place or for instances Looks Good Cosmetics let with no choice and decide to
close some of their stores, recruiting staff from the UK could have detrimental
effects for LGC long-term goals as the access of the talent and skills may be
small (Agencycentral.co.uk, 2017).

•     Researching the
local competitive market to gather information on the pay structure and as well
the amount in which talented or senior positioned staff receive would allow
Looks Good Cosmetics to gain the competitive advantage.


If a labour market
analysis is not conducting
correctly, it could cause adversity to ‘look
good cosmetics’ objectives. It
could be possible lead to the business have to close or lose out on possible
profits which could be gained if conducted in the accurate approach. The
importance of conducting a labour market
analysis is to show business like ‘looks good cosmetics’ the possible threats,
weakness, and strengths as well of the
potential growth to their business to reach their short-term and long-term goals (Pibeam, 2011).

Q 2.

Performance criteria are used to gather information on the
performance of the business and to evaluate the standards of the company to
help assess and maintain their objective. It is to track the performance
progress of the industry in particular areas and often to predict the future
results.  This will help employee/workers
understand the targets and goals in which to strive for. The idea is to ensure
employees/workers in the business are reach up to expectations (Pibeam, 2011).

In the cases of ‘looks good cosmetics’, how they can judge
the effectiveness of the business, below are performance criteria which could
be used.


When choosing to hire someone the job description has the
relevant requirement and skills for a position, it is used to categorise specific areas in a job and who can
relate and have the appropriate qualifications when selecting who to interview.
The hiring process will be based on who matches the job description and best
suited for the position. This will help when judging the performance in the organisation of a new employee in a particular
position. This will be important for a business such as ‘looks good cosmetics’
when recruiting a specialist change manager, this will show how and if the organisation has made improvements or by having a targeted the job description to measure
the performance has assisted with any change (Armstrong, 2012).

Staff diversity:

As currently, most are from EU countries could bring a fresh
look into the business. Ensure that looks good cosmetics staff is from all
backgrounds. A mixture of employees and not from a particular background

Measure feedback:

This is an essential part of a business like ‘looks good cosmetics’
because it will help the business maximise their potential at different stages.
This will raise the awareness for looks good cosmetics in areas of improvement,
existing strengths and the actions which need to be taken into consideration
for improved performance. It could be done by conducting surveys to gather
information online and in-store customer’s buying habits to see the highest or
worse selling products (Smith, 2017). This is important for looks
good cosmetics as this will help to understand the behavior of shoppers. The information gathered will also assistance
‘looks good cosmetics’ when expanding in the future and inform the business on
what changes which could be implemented or even help with being innovative.


This is the overall level of economic performance in the
business over a specified time in the term of profits and losses
(InvestorWords.com, 2017). ‘Looks good cosmetics’ profited 10% of annual online
sales. However, this was not matching within traditional store sales.
Evaluating ‘look good cosmetics’ financial performance will allow the decision
making to judge their results and activities in monetary terms. For example
Decisions such as the closing of an underperforming store could be utilised somewhere more beneficial for the













The Kolb’s learning cycle is four-stage learning
experimental in which a person effective learning is seen when all bases are
touch in the cycle (Simplypsychology.org, 2017).  I will be applying this theory throughout this reflection.

Figure 1, Kolb’s
experimental learning style theory 


 1.    How would your strategy serve the strategic goals of LGC?

The strategic goals of Looks Good Cosmetic were to hire a
specialist change manager to help with the possible changes and the challenges
the business may go through. This practical task was to create a person
specification based on the job description and case study of looks good
cosmetics and provided. Our aim as a group was to identify what looks good
cosmetics needed, ensuring the right person for business was chosen for an
interview and to try hiring someone who has the experience and who could prove
this via the interview questions. As part of our strategic, we didn’t want to
hire someone base on just qualification but rather someone who understood what
the business needed.

How we made sure our strategic served the strategic goals
LGC, is first to get applicants to apply online and to complete the cognitive
test, after the completion of this the top 5 successful will have been
interviewed over the telephone. In addition to this, we thought if we conducted
this, then we will understand the potential candidate significance before the
face to face interview.

2.    How
did your approach address current issues in people resourcing and talent
management for LGC?

Part of the strategy was to address people resourcing by
developing training activities that would support the changes in the IT
process; this was because LGC needed to improve the way stock control was
handled. Another was the development strategies that would help increase talent
management process such as the possible shortage staff may likely face. To
ensure this was taken into consideration we focus our questions on the
objectives of looks good cosmetics. As I was one of the interviewers, I knew
focusing the questions on change management for instance when we asked ‘ How do
you ensure that change is transparent to an organisation?
This is to see if the candidate was capable of handling the business challenges
throughout all areas that involve people resourcing and talent management. It
also a way for us to know if the interviewee knew what we were asking and what
was expected.

3.    What went well?

Firstly it was the first time I was conducting an interview,
and therefore I had to comprehend a process of how to conduct one, as I played
the role of a human resources manager for looks good cosmetics, I welcome the
interviewee and introduce myself and my colleague. I wanted to the interviewee
to feel at ease and therefore explain the process of how the interview will be
conducted by describing the steps involved and what will follow after. I also
told the interviewee that the questions asked will not be too tricky or
testing, so they could be more realised.
I thought at the beginning of the interview I would have nervous and very
smiling as this reflects my personality when I know something is indeed not
real, even though it was going towards my overall degree. This was so much the
case, and I believe it well than expected as I genuinely professionally
conducted myself and did not take it jokily as I thought would have. I know now
that if I put my mind into believing in something, it can be achieved to
expectations of the vision I had in my mind and not the thought of what could
have happened.

4.    What did not go well?

Looking at what does not go accordingly, we rehearsed the
interview over and over again. I was very confident that everything in the
interview will go as practiced and
planned. For instance, we reminded each other to turn mobile phone off before
we enter the room, even to the very last minute in which I did. However, the
interviewee somehow got nervous and forgot to turn off and placed it on the
interview table. Honestly, I didn’t realise
it was on the table in front of me until it started vibrating. It showed that I
must of have been nervous to some extent not to realise
that the phone was there. I have learned
that even the small things can quickly fall out of place no matter how much you
prepare because is human nature. I have realised
to be cautious with my surrounds, and my attention to detail is not as strong
as I thought it was. 

5.     What could you have done differently to
improve the job interview?

What I would have done differently in this practical
interview is to make sure all aspects when conducting an interview was covered
and thought through, for example, ensuring the equality act 2010 were applied
to any questions asked as well as the whole practical task. Another was the
interview question which was asked, as I now feel it was not broad enough and
mainly focuses on change and lastly, is to ensure my attention to detail is on
point and try not to let my nerves get the worse out of me.