“Look the brain function reducing the brain activity. Studies



“Look deep into nature, and then you will
understand everything better.” These were the words Albert Einstein once said.
In this world, which is full of powerful natural resources, and which is   facing threats related to health, people
should be more concern about what can be extracted from those resources instead
of protesting against them without knowing its benefits. According to the
“Marijuana: A reference handbook” Cannabis plant contains an ingredient which
affects the brain function reducing the brain activity. Studies made around the
world have found that this plant is more beneficial than everybody think it is.
Despite the legalization of marijuana has been a relevant and controversial
subject, it should be legalized in all fifty states for medical purposes.


The first reason why medical marijuana should
be legalized nationwide is because marijuana, as a medical resource, is very
beneficial and can treat many conditions. Studies stated in the article
“Marijuana’s Moment” by National Geographic has shown that Cannabis Helps
people related to Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy and Parkinson disease relieving
pain and muscle spasms. There is another synthetic version of it mentioned in
the article, which is used to treat nausea associated with chemotherapy in
patients with cancer. Also, this natural resource can help with other many
psychological illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Based on “There Has
NEVER Been a Recorded Death from Marijuana Overdose,” an article by Richard
Sharp, marijuana has never killed a person. With a Rate of 0 deaths caused by
it, this supply has become the safest drug out there. Not only one life could
be benefited from this source, but thousands of them.

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Second, the legalization of Marijuana in all
states would make this country safer than it actually is. The “Monitoring the Future” or MTF,
also known as the National High School Senior Survey as shown that between 80% to 91% of the kids claim access to marijuana
as “Easy.” And this is because dealers of marijuana do not care to whom they are
selling the product, anyways it is illegal. The legalization of Cannabis moves
the sales into secure and adult-only stores. The last study made last year
through the MTF survey shows that for four of the legalized states, the “Easy”
access dropped below 80%. At least 29 of the states where Marijuana is legal,
for example, Alaska, Colorado and California, are being improved relating the
protection of the kids.


Opponents of Marijuana’s legalization are
commonly people who belong to a religion or people who are not well informed.
However, if Marijuana is legalized, most of the people who really need it for
medical reasons will have access to it and will be benefited from it, which is
actually more important than any tradition. Also, according to Cannabis.net, “The
legalization will protect the kids better than the prohibition”. Under a
legalized system, allowed companies would make a priority to ask for ID card at
the time of selling the product, and those who not qualified to access to
cannabis legally will not get it. One way to make people see this plant as a powerful
natural resource is informing them properly about it.


To summarize, marijuana should be legalized in
all fifty states. Nevertheless, as shown above, the legalization of this
natural supply is a controversial subject. We can obtain such a powerful help,
which refers to resources, from the Earth. However, we are not receiving them
because of many differences in the society. Sometimes, people should think
about letting traditions apart in order to be benefited from what nature is
giving us. In addition, inform all the U.S. citizens about what marijuana can
do would change human life referring to medical discoveries. Why not consider
this plant as a medical provision if its use is completely out of danger.