Local Limitations of my paper My term paper is

Local Politics of adaptation to salt water intrusion


is seen as disruption of livelihood more specifically lack of food production
in general. Since it is directly related to livelihood and livelihood is the centre
of both local and national politics; adaptation to salinity is always given importance
in politics. There are more than two dozens of NGO working in the area and both
local and national NGO’s work to foster adaptation to salinity.1
Most of the NGO use words like capacity development, build resilience, reduce vulnerability
to salt water intrusion as their project goal. Local leaders of national political
parties help people by the name of ‘adaptation to salinity’ program. In the
last few years local government elections adaptation to salinity was the prime
concern both parties, voter and vote seekers. 2 This
way salinity sometimes became synonymous to ‘vote’ in local politics because it
provides scope for politicians to address and approach for votes in favor of
their respective party. NGOs working in the village ideologically attached to
national political party. Most of the NGOs provide microcredit to adapt with
the adverse impact of salt water intrusion but loans are termed as high rate of
interest by local peoples. If someone fails to pay installment once it become
difficult to get rid off the net of loan. As a result many people flee away
from their village.

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8. Conclusion


doubt, salt water intrusion posed a serious threat to the livelihood and local people
responded in different ways but landless populations and women are the most
vulnerable sections among them. Those who have land could rent for gher, owners
of water body could practice crab fattening and women and children engaged
themselves in gathering and fishing in a small scale. Since landless peoples
used to work as day laborers to paddy field they become jobless and it becomes
impossible for them to maintain their family. As a result a good number of them
migrated to cities of the country including capital city, Dhaka and some of
them, those who have relatives have migrated to India just crossing the river. Salt
water carries hunger, joblessness and misery for most of the people and fortune
for a very small segment of the society and the latter segment controls the politics
in the village those who get shelter from political parties. Shrimp cultivation
provides economic benefit but it skipped mass people


9. Limitations of my


term paper is prepared based on only secondary data. There is a lack of enough
statistical data. It can be mentioned here that my study address only sea level
rise as the causes of salinity. There are also other men made reasons on which
further research can be done. My study focus on impact of salinity on
livelihood and the alternative livelihood response not the resilience to reduce
the vulnerability associated with sea level rise and to enhance community
resilience, organizational adjustment will be necessary. So further study on
existing organizational aspects can fill up the gap and help to empowering
local management.



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