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August 2012

and minerals in South Africa

South Africa

Mining and minerals in South Africa

January 2018


This report is a broad explanation of mining in South
Africa and it strategically follows the historical development into modern
time. It provides the roles in which minerals play in South Africa’s economy,
industry and the leading global players. This report shows that South Africa
has one of the largest gold and diamond reserves in the world, which helps our
economy with foreign exchange earnings, development, employment and a full
spectrum of economic indices. This report shows in context that South Africa’s
mining industry is an important factor for foreign investments and it is a huge
marketing capitalist of the JSE. The mining industry is critical to South
Africa’s socio-economic development. The relay effects in other industries
include that of the electricity sector. Statistics and financial reports are
displayed to show evidence of economic growth in South Africa.


The purpose of the article is to inform the reader about
the history of South Africa’s mining industry and how it is continuing to grow
as we use our natural resources such as gold and diamond, specifically those
who are involved in the mining industry directly as well as those who are
learning of industrial growth. Its purpose is to also inform the reader about
how much money the mining industry is reeling in into the economy of South
Africa. The article was written for the people who want to learn about how the
mining industries development over the years and how it aids South Africa.


The article was valuable in such a way that it emphasises
the key issues of the research question and accounts to a point the
contribution it makes to the economy. The information given was simple and easy
to understand, and statistical information was provided to ensure this research
is validated.


The article was reliable because Brand South Africa has
multiple academic reports uncontested. It is well known, although possibly bias
for the mining factor and possibly not acknowledging any negative issues.


This report was broad and general but was limited in its
ability to relate to on the ground incidents and even in the other realms to be
considered in this research task. Despite the length being fairly brief, the
limitation is deciphering the extent of the full report.