LG&E-KU during the Fall Ø Use of Microsoft Office



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Must be currently enrolled in school full-time,
pursuing a bachelor’s degree (in Civil Engineering)

Must have completed at least sophomore year with
applicable credits with a declared major in Civil Engineering

Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA

Must be available for full-time work during the
Summer of 2018 and part-time during the Fall

Use of Microsoft Office


As of now, I currently meet all of these qualifications to
apply for this job. I am currently a Junior studying Civil Engineering with 2.8
GPA. I would be available to work in the Summer and part-time during the Fall
given my ample dedication. I also over the course of my academic career have
sharp MS Office skills. With my time with the company, this would allow me to
pursue my Master’s degree in Civil Engineering which is a preferred
qualification when I leave the University of Kentucky.




CAD Drawings

Plans and Profiles

PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE design models


Assistance (as needed)





When writing my résumé, it is important to include keywords
in my document. Everyone who is applying for this position will more than
likely possess the same skills as me, but if I can include keywords as they
relate to the job qualifications and position, it may help me to obtain an
interview. For example: If I am to include keywords given in the job
description, my chances of getting an interviewed and/or hired increase
drastically because it is specifically what they are asking for. This can sort
out based on a potential to hire.


Company Overview:


In 1838, investors formed Louisville Gas and Water to
provide gas fired street lighting by Louisville’s city fathers to deter crime
in the area. Roughly 5 years later, the company dropped the water plans and
changed its name to Louisville Gas.  In
1890, Louisville Gas bought stock in electric companies and acquired Louisville
Electric Light. The two later combined in 1913 and Louisville Gas and Electric
was formed.  In 1998, LG acquired
KU, Energy which is an electric company based out of Lexington, KY.  Upon purchase, they entered into a 25-year
agreement with Big River Electric generating facilities. These two transactions more than doubled the size of LG
Energy, employing roughly 1600 employees. LG is an equal
opportunity employer. LG
currently has 1.3 million customers. They often use their social media platform
to engage with customers and show the world what they are about. The last post,
on Facebook and Twitter are of a group of employees in Puerto Rico helping with
the Hurricane efforts. I would be gratified to work for a company like LG
because they are what exemplifies character throughout their organization. They
are a customer first company which goes along way with people. Their contact
info is plastered all over their social media sites in attempt you can’t reach them
another way. LG&E is about creating new and inventive ideals to save money
for our next customer. LG&E is currently working on gas stove tops that
would save energy and be less of a health risk to our next homebuyer. If I had the
opportunity to work with LG&E, I would not disappoint.


Why I am a Good Fit:


I am currently attending the University of Kentucky as a Civil
Engineering student with a cumulative college GPA of 2.8.  Over the course of my academic career, I have
managed to accrue a few months of work experience with Chism Irrigation in Louisville,
Kentucky as a construction worker. 
During my time with Chism, I
gained invaluable professional skills such as accountability, process
development, and field performance.  I
have been deemed hard-working and dependable by my peers in both my academic
and professional life.  I apply my
analytic skills in problem-solving when working on projects or addressing life
challenges.  I possess excellent
communication and organization skills, which I hope to leverage into the
Internship role at LG&E.




Before this assignment, I didn’t know much about LG
except that it was virtually the largest Gas and Electric company in our
region. The company has been around for nearly 200 years and is still thriving.
To learn more about the company, I visited their website where I found useful
information about the past and present.   I also visited LG’s social media pages
on both Facebook and Twitter where I found their mission statement and contact
information.  I have already applied for
the position, and I believe this could be of benefit to me if I get to the
interview stage as it will show that I am truly interested in working for
LG&E.  My next step in applying for
this position is getting ready for the interview stage. I will review my resume
and prepare myself to answer performance-based interview questions as most
companies want to see what type of individual you are and how you handle
yourself in any given situation. 




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