Let certificate) which means 80% and 70% mark on

Let me introduce myself as Muksadul Islam. I was a student of science background both in my school and college and always dreamt of pursuing an engineering degree when I was at school. I have accomplished my Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) from Southeast University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, which I am considering as a commencement of my journey towards my dream career. I have always envisioned that I will pursue my M.Sc degree in abroad and achieve in-depth knowledge both theatrically and practically. So, following this aim, I am applying for a master degree program in Wireless Communications Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) at University of Oulu, Finland. 


I obtained my bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 3.15 out of 4. In my graduation, I did a research work as well as a 3-month internship in Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO). After my graduation, I worked a yearlong as an assistant electrical engineer at Hossan textile. However, in my boyhood, I always found myself interested in technological devices and gadgets. One of my uncles, who lived in abroad, brought me a remote control car; I still remember that first wireless controlled car. I always tried to understand how it works without any cable. Although it was a trivial thing, the motivation I got from that toy to know more about wireless controlling was priceless. Back at that time, when I first used a mobile phone, it was really surprising to me. My uncle, who had a good knowledge of mobile phones once said that one day the entire world would depend on wireless communication.

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As a student of science major, I studied physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics in my high school and after completing high school, I studied deeper fields of those subjects at my intermediate level. I achieved GPA 5 (Grade Point Average) on a scale of 5 in my SSC (secondary school certificate) and GPA 4 in my H.S.C (higher secondary school certificate) which means 80% and 70% mark on each subject respectively. After that when I accomplished my Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) I acquired a proper command in signal and system processing, Communication theory, Digital signal processing, Microprocessor and assemble language, Optoelectronic devices, Electronic circuit and devices, Digital electronic, Programming language C, Microwave engineering, Circuit analysis and Control system. When I was studying signal and system course, our professor decided to visit a radio station for our better understanding of signal and system. That day we learnt a lot about radio signal transmission process.


To complete the undergraduate degree, a research work was compulsory for my degree. So I carried out my thesis work on “Circuit Breaker Co-ordination in Power Transmission Network Using Distance Protection Scheme”. The objective of my research was to determine the characteristics, ratings, and settings of overcurrent protective devices which will ensure that minimum unfaulty load is interrupted when protective devices isolate a fault or overload anywhere in the system. For my research, I worked on different kinds of circuit breakers, power line carrier (plc), types of selectivity, types of coordination, different kinds of protection relay, RX diagram, and wireless sensor networks. In addition, by using PS-CAD, we established a power system network in order to determine fault and resolve it. By doing this research, I gained some elaborate knowledge of Power system automation applications, power transmission line faults and how to resolve it.


Afterwards, during my internship, I worked for 3 months in Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO) which is one of the major electricity distribution companies in Bangladesh. In my internship period, I gained a great deal of knowledge on grid-substation, relay protection on 33kv incoming line, the cooling equipment, winding temperature and oil temperature indicator, transformer and their maintenance and the power factor improvement, effects of low power factor which are closely related to my study materials. Besides, I also learnt about their administrative activities in the control room, prepaid metering, complain room operation, and one point operation which will surely help me in my future career.


After I successfully completed my internship, I joined a workshop in Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd (one of the largest cellular service providers in Bangladesh). There, I learned some crucial basics about GPRS and some other useful information on communication sectors. I learned some basic principles of the communication system, optical fiber, jumper cable, connector & RRU. I was also instructed on note b, rbs, mw Antenna, gsm Antenna, tmf, rx and tx. As a two day internship of that workshop, I visited their maintenance site and observed how to maintain Base transceiver station (BTS) which is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. Now that I have just started entering the domain of wireless communication, I wish to gain advanced knowledge from the University of Oulu.

There are several reasons as to why I am particularly interested in Finish institutions. The most important one among them is that Finland is one of the developed Nordic European countries, for which the lifestyle would be easy to adapt to as I am an international student myself. Secondly, from various reports of social and international media, I have been acknowledged about the government’s great emphasis on quality higher education to both domestic and international students.  Moreover, the enriched research facilities and a great number of experts in the Finish institutions have made Finland a perfect place to become an expert myself in my field of interest which would help me reach my future goal rather easily.


Therefore, based on my experience and academic qualification given above, my specific career vision is to be an expert in the area of Wireless Communication, which is currently the most demanding areas of concern in my country. For being a developing country with a dense-population, the demand for easy communication for this large family has created a scarcity of professional experts which is acting as a major hindrance to the steady development of our country. Besides, in a third world country like ours where technologies, as well as resources for effective learning, are drastically limited, the options to make my dream true are extremely less. Hence, it would be an impeccable opportunity for me to serve my country and building my dream career at the same time if I am given the chance to conduct my master’s study in the University of Oulu.

 In concluding, I will be waiting for inpatient for a positive reply and thanks a lot to the University of Oulu for giving me the chance to apply.