Let article is to discuss strategies for honoring ActiveRain

Let me start by saying; we cannot seek greater heights for ourselves and forget about the progress and prosperity of our community…

Realtors work with individual, families, groups and serving communities where lives are enriched and challenged. The objective of this article is to discuss strategies for honoring ActiveRain and respecting community culture and its diversity.

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With over 15 year of activities in real estate and over 8 months since I signup on Rain, I have come to know that being part of this community require me and your humble self to demonstrate respect for thousands of others ActiveRain members. The fact that we are in a diverse nation made up of numerous cultures, languages, race and backgrounds. That kind of variety can give birth to great ideas and opinions in our community, but only if we accommodate each other. And to accomplish that we have to respect each other.

One of the most effective ways to show respect for someone is to truly listen to another perspective. Obviously, most of us will always agree with one another on every topic (and you must not adopt a point of view with which you do not agree), but we should allow each other to have and express our own views – irrespective of whether we agree with them or not. Doing so will give value to their being and ideal.

As a member keep in mind: that you own every member of this community a basic level of admiration by recognizing everyone’s right to themselves, to make decisions, to have privacy and dignity. Ethical people accept individual differences without prejudice. Avoid personal attack or slander on other members of the community and avoid abusive usage of the platform in any form (spamming, hate speech, threats, invading privacy). Do not be judgmental nor force opinions on others, shun any form of advertisement about your services, avoid sending unsolicited messages/information to other members, respect the public or society that this community serves.

You will agree with me that Real Estate service is a profession evolved in response to the direction of human needs and characterized by an appreciation of self, profession, colleague, employer, association, client, public and society at large. Realtors should provide assistance to its clients within the context of their communities and environments and strictly respect fair housing ethos and avoid discrimination that may arise from advertisement, application, race, religion, family status amongst others because in so doing, Real Estate profession will continue to preserve the integrity and ethics of the profession, promote client and community well-being, and enhance their own professional growth.


Rain consider these standards in ethical and professional for being part of the community. Respecting and abiding by the rules of Rain’s will go a long way to help promote not only this platform but it will contribute to our profession, portraying every member as a good ambassador.