Lenora Troy believes that love is not a part

Lenora SharifMs. Madigan and Ms. SilverEnglish 916 January 2018Authority, Control, and PowerIn life people are responsible for their feelings, actions, growth and every result that they get. In order to be successful one must accept all these responsibilities. Fences by August Wilson is a play that takes place in the 1950’s before the civil rights movement. Troy is a 53-year-old man who greatly influences his family’s life. He has three kids and all of them are from different mothers which makes his life much more hectic. One of his sons is Cory and when Troy and Cory spend time together, it mostly consists of arguing. Troy believes that love is not a part of the package when making the decision to be a father. Rose is Troy’s wife, and she is constantly taking care of him and caring for him. Throughout the story, Troy expresses his beliefs which causes many conflicts between his family. Through the use of symbolism and conflict, August Wilson communicates that relationships depend on how much the people in the relationship show they care about each other, Troy provides all the material comforts that his family needs, but he does not show them how much he cares.Whenever Troy has any types of conflicts, he is self-destructive because he is constantly ruining his relationship with his family members and loved ones. Rose is Troy’s wife and she loves him very much, but then he decided to cheat on her with Alberta. After Alberta dies from childbirth, Troy and Rose are not in good terms but Troy still has the guts to ask Rose: “You and them boys is my family. You and them child is all I got in the world. So I guess what I’m saying is… I’d appreciate it if you’d help me take care of her” (79). Troy drops a burden on Rose when he asks her to take care of Raynell, a child that is not even hers. This reveals that Troy does not know how to take care of his daughter which is his responsibilities and that he must ask for help. Rose never wanted a family with different mothers and fathers for different children: ” And you know I ain’t never wanted no half nothing in my family” (70). Despite what Rose wants, Troy does not care and goes along and has three kids from different mothers. This is one of the only thing that Rose has wanted throughout the play. She always wanted to keep her family united and together. Troy does not think about how it might hurt his wife to see a kid every day that reminds her of her husband cheating on her. Rose could have been very hurt but Troy does not care enough to do anything. He does not even consider his own wife’s feelings when he asks her something like this, Troy drops a bomb on Rose. Lyons is another one of Troy’s child , he is Troy’s first child. Lyons never had a father growing up, and he is always mentioning it to Troy: “If you wanted to change me, you should’ve been there when I was growing up”(18). When Troy was a young adult, he was a very irresponsible person and he did many things without caring or thinking about how it would affect anyone else. For example he robbed people to get food and money to support his family. One time, when he was robbing someone, they pulled out a knife and Troy got scared so he shoots him and ends up killing him. This caused Troy to have jail time and miss out on Lyons life. Throughout all these scenes, Troy is causing many conflicts on himself which affects his relationships with his loved ones. One word can have many different interpretations in different people’s mind. A fence is something physical, but although some people interpret it as something emotional. Bono knows that Troy is very bad at making decisions but he thinks that choosing Rose is the only good one, so Bono is trying to protect Rose from getting hurt: “Some people build fences to keep people out…and other people build fences to keep people in. Rose wants to hold on to you. She loves you” (26).  This symbolizes that Roses fence is not a boundary or a trap, but instead it is like a gate for a house, just for protection. Rose is the type of person that wants to keep her family together and she is always trying but Troy does not seem to care enough. Rose is very scared that the fence is going to break, and destroy her family. Troy and Cory are always arguing, but this argument ultimately breaks their relationship, Troy tells Cory: “They’ll be on the other side of that fence” (89). The fence in this scene represents a boundary between Cory and his father. Since Cory receives his third strike, Troy decide to stick to his word and make Cory move out. Troy supports Cory with everything that he needs but Cory is looking for more and does not appreciate everything that Troy does for him. Troy putting Cory’s stuff on the other side of the fence shows and proves that their relationship is over and for the rest of the play, they will not interact anymore. This shows how much value the fence has and the effects it has on a family.August Wilson conveys the significance of conflict and symbolism with proving the theme that individuals in any type of relationship must show that they care and love each other. Troy might love Rose, but after he cheats on her with Alberta, Rose never treated Troy the same way she did before. Rose thought that Troy was a hard guy to marry because he might not be loyal but she trusted him and gave in to him only to find after years and years of marriage, he cheated on her. Troy also loves Cory but Troy makes a lot of decisions for him that Cory prefers to make himself. Even though they did not get along well Troy provided everything for Cory to live in a stable environment besides love. In today’s society, many kids are not getting loved by their parents because their parents are not ready or are working too much, and they do not have enough time to spend with their kids. This affects a child’s life because a child needs love to fully develop and studies show that love is one of many necessities for a baby.