Last use vary, some people need it for medical

year, my cousin got caught smoking marijuana with some of his friends. My
entire family was so upset, as if he had done something so horrible, like
murdering someone. He was sent away to a rehabilitation center. I did not
really understand why all the drama, most teenagers smoke marijuana, it’s a
popular type of hobby among them. Today, marijuana is very commonly used by
adults and teenagers. The reasons for its use vary, some people need it for
medical reasons, others just for fun or because they want to be left out, and
others because they want to escape their reality. Whatever the reason is,
marijuana has impacted the lives of many people. There are various laws against
marijuana use and distribution of. However, countless people get a hold of it
because it’s extremely easy to buy it on the streets. Marijuana should be legalized
in all fifty states for numerous reason that will be presented and explain
throughout this research paper, using the information from reliable and
credible sources, some of them are the news channels people watch every

            *Most teenagers smoke marijuana for many reasons, one of
them is curiosity. Most of the time, they decide to try out a pot brownie or
take a few hits because they just want to know how it feels or why it’s such a
popular thing to smoke. Another reason why teens smoke is peer pressure, they
just want to feel part of a certain group. This is considered recreational
marijuana, because its only smoked to have a fun time or to relax. However,
some other people need it for their health. Patients suffering from physical
pain, anxiety, seizures, muscle spasms, PTSD, among other diseases can benefit
from smoking marijuana. It often eases the pain to the point, that it works
better than actual medicine described by a doctor. That is why many people decide
to deal with their health problem by using marijuana. As mentioned before, it’s
extremely easy to buy marijuana, that is why the government should legalize it,
that way they will be able to put as many regulation as they want, including
taxes on it. This will benefit the economy of the country, thanks to its popularity.
In overall, marijuana has become such big deal throughout the years because it
is the only drug that has a positive side, which is the medical one. These are
the main reasons why legalization of marijuana in the entire country should

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            *Marijuana is such a big deal in the country, and if it becomes
legal, the government could input a lot more regulations for its used,
including taxes. Taxing marijuana can be profitable, and a lot of money can be
saved. To begin with, the war against drugs is a difficult one. It requires a
lot of money and many resources go into it, trying to shut down all the places
where drugs can be found illegally. According to the economist Stephen T.
Easton, “costs seem particularly exorbitant when dealing with the drug
marijuana.” specially because it’s widely used and far less harmful than other
legal substances. The economy would be able to grow quickly if marijuana got
taxed, instead of wasting money trying to avoid it. Gavin Ekins, a research
economist at the Tax Foundations states that “a mature marijuana industry could
generate up to $28 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local
governments.” which would be a huge income for the country. Furthermore, there
is to consider that legalized drugs are a lot more dangerous and harmful than
marijuana. Most people are completely fine with cigarettes and alcohol, not
knowing that marijuana is much safer. According to a 2010 study published in The
Lancet and reported on by The Economist, alcohol and heroin are the
most dangerous drugs that harm the users and others, followed by cocaine and
tobacco. Two of those drugs are legal and commonly used. Marijuana is a lot
safer yet it is still illegal. “Alcohol has been linked to some 88,00 deaths
per year, according to the CDC, while for several reasons those associated with
marijuana use are harder to come by,” says Joe Brownstein, a medical
journalist. Therefore, people are living in a society where legal drugs are
fatal, to the point that many lives are lost because of its used. People
underestimate the risks of alcohol consumption, thinking that just because it’s
legal, it’s not dangerous. To continue with, no one has ever died from
marijuana consumption. There might be bad reactions to it, but it hasn’t been
the main reason of a death. People are not properly educated when it comes to
marijuana. The common thought is that large amounts of THC which is the
chemical responsible for most of the psychological effects, in the body might
be harmful enough to kill a person but that is not true, as stated by Nick Wing
“According to one frequently cited study, a marijuana smoker would have to
consume 20,000 to 40,000 times the amount of THC in a joint to be at risk of
dying,” which is unlikely. It’s also important to remember that marijuana has a
very low risk of abuse. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent
insist that “people have been systematically about weed” and argues that “marijuana
leads to dependence in around 9-10 percent of adult users…and the worst culprit
is tobacco, with 30 percent of its users becoming addicted.” To continue with,
marijuana can be a useful and safe sleep aid for those suffering from sleeping disorders,
or just someone who wants a good sleep. Feinberg, a researcher from the
Clinical Pharmacology Therapy, stated in 1976 that “The effect on sleep of THC
administration closely resembles those induced by lithium.” It not only helps
with sleeping problems, but with various medical issues. To begin with, when a
person is suffering from chronic pain, a doctor often recommends pills, and at
the end of the day, the person ends up taking many medications that bring side
effects and complications in the body. According to a research conducted by a
team of drug experts in Canada and leaded by researcher Mark Ware, marijuana is
an effective treatment for chronic pain because “it changes the way the nerves
function” says Mark. Most importantly, it does not cause side effects the way
most medications do. Lastly, marijuana has been used to treat many medical
problems, including diseases like cancer. As claimed by a Discovery Health
article, marijuana can relieve nausea, which is helpful to patients suffering
from all kinds of cancer, because nausea is a very common side effect that
chemotherapy brings along. According to the same article, “it also helps people
who have loss of appetite due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS.” Many people report
that marijuana also helps to relax the body and prevent muscle tension and
spasms. Cannabis has a positive impact in the medical field, as it helps to
tranquilized patients’ suffering and treat the pain of fatal diseases. It offers
a better quality of life.

            * There are also people who believe that legalizing
marijuana is a mistake and that it should not even be considered. According to
a CNBC article, people that support its legalization “fail to recognize
that the greatest costs of marijuana are not related to its prohibition; they
are the costs resulting from marijuana use itself.” Marijuana is the most
commonly abused illegal drug around the world, and young people might be
affected by it. The same article argues that “if marijuana was legalized, the
increase in users would be both large and rapid with subsequent increases in
addiction.” That points out a big factor about the illegal drug, it can lead
people to dependency to the point where their lives are ruined by it. There is
also to consider that marijuana would not be limited if it becomes legal, a
person would be able to buy as much as they wanted, just like alcohol or
tobacco. It’s also argued that many car accidents are caused by people driving
under the influence of marijuana, and that it might increase if its use becomes
legal and even more popular, as stated by the same source, “Drug-impaired
driving will also increase if marijuana is legalized…marijuana is already a
significant causal factor in highway crashes.” Other people also think that the
drug is responsible for “Jeopardizing young people” as claimed by the article, New
Health Advisor. Marijuana may have a negative effect in the development of the brain if
smoked at a young age. However, what people don’t realize is that if it becomes
legal, regulations for its use will be introduced, and people that use it would
have to buy moderate amounts of marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would also
produce a lot of money, because it would get taxed. Also, the fact that it
helps with many medical conditions, is a huge advantage for the medical field
because it offers relief to chronic pain, it works like medication but without
the side effects. To continue with, people should also consider how alcohol and
tobacco are legal and extremely harmful, yet society seems to accept it.
Marijuana is far safer than the legal drugs in our country and it is not the
leading cause of car accidents and deaths, alcohol is. Most people that don’t
support the legalization of marijuana, are closed minded and blind themselves
when the ‘drug’ word comes up. Marijuana can be used to have a fun time, but
beyond that, there are many benefits that come from this widely-known drug,
which are positive.

*It’s a natural resource
that can improve many aspects of a person’s life. Therefore, marijuana should
be legalized, allowing people to enjoy its benefits. Also, if it becomes legal,
the unnecessary arrests for marijuana possession would dramatically decrease,
and it would lead to less resources and money going towards it. Marijuana could
generate billions annually, which is a huge step towards a better economy. Many
honorable doctors, trustworthy news channels and credible sources argue that
Marijuana should be legal, not only because it would help with medical issues,
like anxiety and sleep disorders, but because it would help the country
economically, with the taxes and regulations it would bring along. There is not
record of people dying of a marijuana overdose, or anything related. It is a
very popular drug that most people use or experiment with, but because is
illegal, it leads to criminals using it as a black market, but if it becomes
legal, most of this illicit markets, would be closed because it’s the demand of
the drug that permits criminals to sell it and make a very good profit out of
it. Marijuana has more positive effects than negatives ones, and it would have
a great impact in our current society as it would improve the lives of people
needing a medication free of side effects, among others. Cancer is a horrible
disease that to the date, does not have a permanent cure. To fight this
disease, chemotherapy is needed. This treatment often make patients miserable,
forced to live with all the side effects it brings.  Among these side effects, nausea and
neuropathic pain is very common. Marijuana helps relieve most side effects, and
stops the pain and misery of many patients, making their lives a bit better
under the circumstances. At the end of the day, legal or not, marijuana will
always be around and available to people, and it’s better to legalize it and
take advantage of it, than to let criminals gain money from it.