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LaMya WebsterTopic: Testing flexibility in AthletesIntroduction The objective of this experiment is to test which athletes are more flexible and how this factor can affect performance. Flexibility is the degree of range of motion you have at each of your joints, which is also commonly referred to as range of motion. Flexibility is one of the five components of fitness. Being flexible is important to your body because it helps you maintain physical function and decreases your risk of injury. To enhance and maintain your flexibility you should stretch regularly.          Flexibility is especially important in athletes who need full range of motion at their limbs such as cheerleaders, dancers, gymnasts, and more. Although it doesn’t appear that athletes in interactive sports such as football or basketball need flexibility, they do need it to complete certain necessary skills. For example, throwing a ball in football, getting a rebound in basketball, or batting in baseball. For this reason, I want to measure flexibility in sports that flexibility is obviously prevalent in, which is cheerleading. I am also interested in if gender plays plays a role in increasing or decreasing flexibility.     I wanted to execute this experiment because I am a cheerleader and I was interested in learning if cheerleaders are truly more flexible than the average or expected flexibility. I also wanted to know if males cheerleaders are just as flexible or how far off they are from normal males and if cheerleading impacts that.Research QuestionTo what extent does flexibility differ through gender in athletes? HypothesisFemale cheerleaders will present greater flexibility than male cheerleaders during flexibility test.VariablesIndependent Variable- Female and male cheerleadersDependent Variable- Flexibility measureControls- Height of athletes Materials3 male cheerleaders3 female cheerleadersYard stickBase of stepsProceduresDistribute and collect waivers and forms from participantsHave participants warm up by running for 2 minutes. Then lead them in stretches. Ex: straddles, splits, and arm stretches. Participants also warm up with jumps. For example, a toe touch is a jump when you bend your knees and swing your arms to jump up, at the peak of your jump you swing your legs open and point your toes like you’re in a straddle. This helps to stretch muscles in back and legs. Collect height of participants.Demonstrate how to correctly do sit and reach testSit with straight legs and feet flat at base of stepsSit with straight back and extend arms straight out to know where to begin rulerSit ruler at ends of the fingertips on top of stairs.Place hands on top of each otherReach out as far as you can attempting to touch your toes and hold that position until measurement noted.Repeat for all participantsHelp and watch participants complete testRecord results. Data(Measurements in inches)Female 1Female 2Female 3Male 1Male 2Male 3Height5’4″5’0″5’1″6’0″5’5″5’4″Reach26.5″27″29.5″20″15″27″Data AssessmentI recorded heights of participants so that when I get their reach length I could compare it to others and see if there is some kind of correlation with height and reach length. I have come to the conclusion that height does not impact rech length. From my data I can see that the female participants generally have a longer length than male participants, but one man’s reach length is longer than one female’s length. According to my sources, males generally have a shorter reach length and are less flexible than females. However, those are average males. The males in my experiment do the same exercise and stretching that females partake in, so if the lengths were similar, I would not be surprised.ConclusionBased on the results retrieved from this experiment, my hypothesis would be correct that females are more flexible than males being that 2 out of 3 females in my experiment had a longer reach than 3 males in my experiment. While conducting and evaluating my experiment, I found a number of things that I could have done better. Although I do believe my results to be accurate, one thing that I could have done to ensure my results to be more accurate was to use an actual sit and reach box instead of making my own. I also could have had participants to remove their shoes because that could have impacted their results in some way. One thing that could have been done to widen the results is used more athletes from different sports. For example, I could have gotten male and female basketball players and even more cheerleaders which was the original plan, but scheduling conflicts prevented that.Important FormsPARQ form link: form: BibliographySit & Reach Flexibility at Home. (n.d.). Retrieved December 01, 2017, from and Sports Performance. (n.d.). Retrieved December 01, 2017, from Tests. (n.d.). Retrieved November 30, 2017, from