Lab all over the world. It is global problem

Lab Experiment No:1Name                      :  Develop requirement specification for a given problem                             KIDS SAFETY       Objective :To design an application to protect the children from strangers.Procedure:              Step 1:         Introduction:   Now a days many children are kidnapped and some are facing difficulties with the people around them.My aim is to protect these children.And we can’t wrap them in the  bubble wrap till they are 21.There are many things we can do to help or protect children from preventable injuries.Some of these are educational,other observational and still other involve safety equipment or choice about furniture or position of items in the household.Children are our Nation’s most precious resource, but as children, they often lack the skills to protect themselves. It is our responsibility as parents and teachers to safeguard children and to teach them the skills to be safe. Every home and school should teach children about safety and protection measures. As a parent, you should take an active interest in your children and listen to them. Teach your children that they can be assertive in order to protect themselves against abduction and exploitation. Together we can protect our Nation’s children by teaching them to be smart, strong, and safe.Purpose:   Because today’s children are going to build the nation tomorrow.There is a need to protect them.Parents love their children and expect them in higher positions of life.Parents keep many hopes on their children.Parents struggle a lot to educate their children.If something happen to their children they can’t tolerate.Children can only take care of their parents when they are old.Project Scope :   The project is designed to protect the children all over the world. It is global problem and it is the major problem  in many countries.There are many rules,and acts to protect and safeguard the children all over the world.But these rules are not implemented properly.So these devices are monitored globally through wireless network so we can protect the children before the incident took place.Step2:Over all Description:   It is a Gps and Gsm card enabled device that can be carried by a child like a mobile phone or can be used like an id card given in schools,thus tracking the location. It helps parents to learn about the real time surroundings of a child.For this device.This helps to create safe zones by including all the usual places that the child visits everyday and get alerts if the device is somewhere else.At a glance it gives the location of child.This can be worked with the help of bluetooth with in a short range distance but it is not applicable for large distances.But with the help of data roaming we can detect the child at large distance.Product perspective:   In my point of view it is very useful to project children .This helps the parents with the information regarding the distance the child has covered and the calories used.It helps to create your own safe zones.This is the good feature.Create your own safe zones with the App feature. Never before has setting up a safe zone been easier – simply draw the safe zone on your smartphone with your fingers to ensure an accurate and relevant safe area, not just a set radius from the device.Product Features:   This sees your child’s routes and locations during the whole day in a simple diary format at 30 seconds interval.It helps to recieve text messages when your child arrives and departs from specific place and for every unexpected car stop and location change.It access the distance between you and your child and the direction to their location.Listen to understand your child’s whereabouts and environment.Bill Payment:If the users need to access the services if this product then they need to pay registration bill through online transactions. All the users can register.There is no specific limitations for users.User classes and characteristics:   This product is for all type of users.There is no specific rules and regulations for usage of this product.Users are classified into many  types.They are Long term usersShort term usersUsers need to have a smartphone/tablet.Users need to have a internet access in their respective gadgets to connect to server.Users need to maintain the same mobile number which they used to register..Operating Environment:  .   The main component of this project is software application,which is supported in all the platforms.This application will interact with the server for update the databases frequently.Mobile with android application is necessary to operate.It is user friendly to interact.Design and implementation constraints:   The primary design constraint is mobile platform.Since application is designated for mobile handsets/tablets,it should have some basic limitations such as limited screen size and resolution will be major consideration.Creating a user interface which is both effective and easily maintainable will pose a difficult challenge.This application  should be quick response as it will be used by many number of users.Step3:System features:User registration:   The users should register to the services provided by the developer only those who are registered can access the app.This registration process provides user to create an account on server using mobile number.While registration the user needs to give all the details.Users cannot proceed until a valid mobile number is given.The application must insure that users information must safely stored.Stimulus/response time:   The response time is quick and fast .It is based on the internet speed .