Kristin with is the lack of literacy people have


ENG W132

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January 2018

1-Summary Draft 1

Language in Progress

            David Crystal is a Professor of
Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor and author of the article “2b or
Not 2b”. Texting surrounds people’s everyday lives and is virtually impossible
to communicate without having a phone anymore. What long lasting effects could
texting be having on this generation? In this article Crystal discusses the
consequences and potential of the new language known as texting. Texting  

            A focus that Crystal elaborates on
is that texting is a form of abbreviation language. He suggests that language
is forever changing as civilizations advance and progress. As technology
advances so does the way language is used. Crystal describes the technological
advancement or the printing press to the type writer and how that shaped a new
way of communicating language. Texting is a new technological advance for this
age which allows for more use of abbreviations in language. The author suggests
that even though more abbreviation in language is a consequence of texting that
does not mean it has not been around before. One example Crystal provides is
“IOU” which translates to “I owe you,” and has been used since around 1618.

            Another consequence that many people
are concerned with is the lack of literacy people have because of texting. Older
generations believe that young people using abbreviations when texting means
they are illiterate and lazy. Crystal presents the idea that people have to
learn proper language to be able to manipulate it. Since language is the
foundation of communication and texting language is only a sub category.

            The last main focus in this article is
about the potential of this new language. Crystal discusses the way people have
taken texting an innovated it in to the culture. He mentions that many creative
texts, novels, poems, and academic essays have been published. Only using text
characters to write a piece is restricting and forces the author to be creative.

            Although texting seems as though it
came out of nowhere Crystal assures that it is nothing new. Our civilizations
are simply advancing and language is progressing to fit that means.


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