Kitchen conditions of displacement, the kitchen serves as a

Kitchen space in the immigrant land can be a site of oppression for some
females in the South Asian context. In this novel, we can see how the kitchen
area can become a source to stay connected with the homeland. Under conditions
of displacement, the kitchen serves as a stabiliser that helps in the construction
of their identity and a means of resistance to imperial and assimilation
pressures. For an immigrant living in strange and unknown surroundings, the
kitchen becomes their comfort, domain and territory of control. It becomes a
way to assert identity, precisely his/her national identity. Food is the
foremost element that is effortlessly relocated and conserved across
geographical divides. Food preparation and consumption play a dominant role in
order to create a sense of neighbourhood and belonging that is closely linked
to their culture back at home. In psychological terms, cooking can help them to
assume an operation in the midst of a novel and unfathomable atmosphere.
Kitchen space can guarantee an extension and preservation of ethnic identity,
together with family histories and cultural values, because of its
communicative authority. Restlessly rushing to nowhere, Hassan and his family
longed for this space after leaving Mumbai: “We would have killed for our own
kitchen and a simple potato-and-cauliflower-fry-up.” (67)

We can see that kitchens are capable of
supporting and curbing the performance of food traditions and thus marking the
course of cultural change. In the global era, where cultures and traditions get
amalgamated that cross borders and national borders, food has conquered the
rank of a cultural expression that speaks of the similarities among us. Food
serves as the glue that holds the culture together. Envisioning kitchens as
cultural mediums that avail immigrants the elasticity to make these personal
decisions regarding their food preferences is an influential footstep that can
help a ‘house’ be turned into ‘home’.

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