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Khiem NguyenApologeticsPhase twoIt means you understand the Bible in the wrong way. The bad person says believe in Jesus but doesn’t act like he is. If he really does believe, he won’t do all those things to get into jail. The good person doesn’t believe in God doesn’t mean he is a bad guy. Maybe he never heard about Christianity before or he believe in other Jesus. In the Bible, there was a part says that you rather believe in Jesus or not, but don’t fake that you believe and then do exactly differently.When someone goes to hell that means that they have done wrong in the life they were living free in. God do love us and does give us the chance to do good but he gives us that chance only in earth, when we pass away God well know if we did good and bad. If we did bad then we will go to hell. I believe he is telling us that we should listen and believe in him because if we do that we will live an amazing eternity in heaven.Christians are right because God sent his only son to save us from all our sins by dying for us. Even if this is something hard to believe in Jesus died for us. No other God from other religions has do that. This shows that God is real and that Jesus is his son.The cause of the universe must have been non-material because if the cause was material / natural, it would be subject to the same laws of decay as the universe. That means it would have to have had a beginning itself and you have the same problem as cycles of births and deaths of universes. So the cause of the universe’s beginning must have been super-natural.God can create a rock that he can not carry but he will never do that because it would not make sense to do that. I don’t believe that he even thinks of doing that. If he can’t carry it, how could he even create it?God is the creator but is not created. We just see that he sent his son Jesus to save us from our sins and also that he created this world. It is hard to just believe in God because it is like how some people believe in unicorns. Even though we think that unicorns do not exist we are not sure about it. The same comes with God even if we have never seen him does not mean that he does not exist and when you start believing in him and let him show you the way then you will start to feel how there is a God.   There are things that scientists can’t explain and the only possible way to explain it is through God. It’s possible that science is created by God and it’s one of the ways God show us how he create the universe and how powerful he is.So the Bible tells us that Jesus isn’t ‘God’s human son’, rather, that Jesus, like God, he existed forever but became human. Jesus was like God – eternal and perfect – but he became human so that he could enter into our world and die for humans.If you only say you’re sorry, what if you’re faking it and still got what you want? Why don’t you see the way Jesus suffered as God gave up his son for our eternity life. Jesus is half God, half human, of course he know what he is going to do and he did it. It’s his wish, not God force him and torture him.