Keyboard And Screen Input Devices Keyboard: Introduction: Keyboard is

Keyboard And Screen
Input Devices


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Keyboard is
an external input peripheral device that can be attached to the computer
processor. It has set of keys representing the alphabet and numbers. The
alphabet keys in keyboard are laid out in QWERTY style.   


When a key
is pressed, it results in a generation of a 8-bit binary word in ASCII code. It
is sent out from the keyboard using serial data transmission, which is a data
word sent one bit at a time. The interface stores the received character from
keyboard until the processor performs the instructions accordingly.


A serial
connection from the keyboard will take each keystroke and feed it to the
interface which will have a buffer.


can be connected to computer systems depending upon the Operating System of the
computer and the interface used. Some keyboards use wireless technology so that
the keyboard does not need a physical connection to the computer.

Key Composition: The standard keyboard has
Alphabetic, Alphanumeric, Modifier, Cursor, System Commands, Miscellaneous and
Numeric keys (Multiple layouts and Layout changing software). Depending on the
system, the key composition may vary.


Laptop Inbulit, Flexible, Handheld, Thumbsized, Multifunctional, Projection,
Optimal, On Screen, Chorded.

Screen Input Devices:

On-Screen Keyboard and
Touch Screen Keyboard

Screen Input
Devices are On-Screen Keyboard and Touch Screen Keyboard. They inherit basic
properties from the conventional keyboard. They differ in the form of their
physical existence and the way in which input is provided to them.

It is a
software component that is used to enter data (characters/numbers).It has a
feature, which provides an advantage to operate it with multiple screen input
devices like on-screen keyboard and touch screen keyboard.

Types of Screen Input Devices:

They are
broadly classified into two types, On-Screen Keyboard and Touch Screen Keyboard
which are further classified as:

Physical keyboards
with different keys consisting of electronically changeable displays

Virtual keyboards
with touch screen keyboard layouts

Virtual keyboards
to allow input from a variety of input devices

Optically detected
human hand and finger motions

Optically projected keyboard layouts

Online virtual
keyboards for multiple languages


It can also
help the person with disability and the person’s facing problem in physical
typing. It is also secured, as can be seen on many net-banking websites of
different banks to provide user with on-screen keyboard.

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