Kevanta so the third energy source I have selected

Kevanta Tompkins

Final Draft

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town is a town that is far, far away. Lately, my town has been short on
resources and those who reside in my town are very sad, and those who travel to
my town are heartbroken. We currently depend on natural resources, but they are
rapidly running out. As the mayor of Tae town, I’ve decided that we are going
to stop using non-renewable resources and begin using renewable resources. I
have decided to use the following renewable resources: Hydropower, Biofuel-Ethanol
(Biomass), and Geothermal energy. These resources are natural resources, but
they can be replaced at the same speed that they are used, although they may be
expensive, we can benefit from the resources listed above in the future.

is created by a water cycle (Dam). I’ve selected this resource because the
residents and guest of my town need electricity, but the dams that are used are
designed to last for decades. Although dams can be expensive to build, they are
built to a very high standard. Dams are created so that electricity can be
produced at the same flow in which it is used. Dams must be able to work for
decades in order to make money. Hydropower doesn’t create air pollution, which
is great for the environment within my town.

gas stations all over the town have been running out of fuel, so I have decided
that we are going to use biofuel- ethanol in order for residents and travelers
to transport from one place to the next. Biofuel is created from various plant
material, and it doesn’t produce a lot of greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels
produce more greenhouse gases then biofuel-ethanol.  It is very expensive to produce, but it has
economic security. Economic security means that we have a set amount of money
to be able to supply Tae Town with this renewable resource. Biofuel requires
the use of different fertilizers, but people need transportation.

the winter the residents and travelers will need heat, so the third energy
source I have selected for my town is Geothermal energy. Geothermal energy is
created by steam. It also requires no fuel, there are a few bad thing things
that come along with the uses of geothermal energy such as location and the
cost of powering the pump, but they need heat to survive. Geothermal energy is
found within the earth. The hot lava and steam from a volcano helps produce
heat to help heat our homes and businesses.

all, even though the tax payers of my town will be paying for the renewable
resources, they need them to survive. So, with the resources that I’ve decided
that are best for my town are Hydropower for electricity, Biofuel-Ethanol for
transportation, and Geothermal for heating. I didn’t select fossil fuels, coal,
or oil because eventually they will run out. Those are natural resources and
they will pollute the environment and harm society. I feel like the community
will be upset they will have to pay for it, but in the end they won’t be in
uproar because they will be benefiting from it.