Kathe Germany and died on 22nd of April 1945.

Kathe Kollwitz was a German
artist who was born on the 8th of July 1867 in Konigsberg, Germany
and died on 22nd of April 1945. Kollwitz was a graphic and sculptor
artist. Kathe Kollwitz worked with a lot of different materials/mediums which
were: sculpture, printmaking and printing. These   compromised of woodcuts, lithographs and etchings.
Her work now is linked with expressionism which was a modernist movement,
originated in Germany mainly for painting and poetry. Kathe Kollwitz love for
art began when she was 12 and continued on throughout her life. Throughout her
life Kollwitz attended a few art schools for women and here she learnt that her
real talent was as a draughtsman. In 1891 she married to Karl who was a doctor.
Due to her husband being a doctor she always saw the miserable conditions that
poor people were in and from here she started to love the proletariat and began
to support people in poverty and victims of the war she also once said that she
found the proletarian life beautiful. Kathe Kollwitz was said to have anxiety
during her childhood as a result of her sibling’s deaths. Kathe Kollwitz had
cycle works which included: ‘The weavers’ and ‘the Pleasant war’ in her
different cycles of work she managed to create different things for each.
Kollwitz had a lot of work which was associated with death, depression,
darkness and misery. This came about due to the death of her youngest son which
lead onto her being depressed, this can be seen through some of her artworks such
as a mother and her dead child. During her later life Kollwitz became part of
important things including her National-Socialist-regime before she was forced
to resign her place by the Nazis party. Also Kollwitz experienced some
interesting but very sorrow things such as her art work being used by the Nazis
for propaganda also she was threatened by the Nazis.

Kathe Kollwitz’s artwork was
said to be immensely influenced by the  

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