Kate Elie Wiesel’s book Night, he explores the father-son

Kate Augustine Ms. Hohlstein English 108 January 2018The ProtectedIn Elie Wiesel’s book Night, he explores the father-son relationship shown through the difficult conditions shown through the concentration camps. Auschwitz men and women were separated, meaning that Elie and his father grew a close relationship. When arriving at Auschwitz Elie and his dad had a protector and protected relationship. His father protects him and Elie trusts his father to do so. Throughout the story their relationship starts to change, Elie’s father starts getting old and weak. Elie and his father demonstrate this relationship when going through the extremes. He shows this trust during the death march, “As for me, I was thinking not about death but about not wanting to be separated from my father. We had already suffered so much, endured so much together” ( Wiesel 82). As well as before Elie’s father died he got tired caring for his father and playing the role of the protector instead of the protectee. Elie’s determination to stay with his father was constantly present. As well as this quote about how when his father dies he realizes that he misunderstood him. Now after his father is gone he realized how much his father loved him. He continues to show his need for his father after he is dead, “Since my father’s death, nothing mattered to me anymore” (Wiesel 113). By Elie is reflecting on him and his father’s past it shows how much his father means to him. Elie has grown closer to his father during a hard time. During this time, Elie and his father would rather suffer more together rather than be separated. Both quotes show how as his father weakens, the traditional roles of protector and protected are reversed but are still able to keep their father-son relationship.  The narrator pays attention to other father-son relationships, such as Rabbi Eliahou who was left by his son to create enfaces on how strong theirs is. Clearly, their father-son relationship develops throughout the tough times. Elie Wiesel’s book Night depicts the life a father and a son going through immeasurable suffering, testing their bond as a family.