Just mention a few.20-21 Fossil energy is used to

Just like food
and water, energy is essential to life.  Without it, many people
would be left cold and hungry.  The main source of energy originates
from fossil fuels, and the leading fossil fuels used today by most
industrialized and developing countries are oil, coal, and natural gas.19-20  Oil
is the most consumed for energy conversion among these fossil fuels, followed
by coal, then natural gas.19-20  Reports shows that the
world produced approximately 130 quadrillion Btu of energy from oil, 80
quadrillion Btu from coal, and 70 quadrillion Btu from  natural gas.19-20
Back then, humans used their own energy, animal power, wind and water power,
which gradually shifted to coal, wood, gas and oil for fuel and power.
Nowadays, there are mainly used for humans to provide them with their many
needs and desires. It is estimated that 381 quads come from all energy sources
per year.19-20 Currently, energy expenditure is directly related to
the rapid growth in the world population and the associated environmental
degradation imposed by human activity humans, this is inadequate to meet their
needs for food and forest products.19-20

Fossil energy are
also mainly utilized worldwide per year and of this, 81 quads are consumed just
in the United States.20-21 In agriculture and forestry, fossil fuels
are used to run machinery, pump water, and supply fertilizers and pesticides.20-21
Fossil energy is used to fuel a wide array of other human activities including
industrial production; fuel for automobiles, trains and trucks; highway
construction; heating and cooling of buildings; and the packaging of goods, to
mention a few.20-21 Fossil energy is used to feed an increasing
number of humans as well as to improve the quality of life in many basic ways,
such as protecting humans from numerous diseases.20-21

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Reports show that
developing countries have been relying heavily on fossil energy, particularly
for fertilizers and irrigation to augment their food supply.21-22
Fossil energy depletion accelerates as population needs for food and services
escalate. The impact of this is already a severe problem for developing
countries where the high price of imported fossil fuel makes it difficult, if
not dreadful, for poor farmers to power irrigation and provide for their other
agricultural needs. Worldwide, per capita supplies of fossil energy show a
significant decline.