Josiah to help me knock down my barriers and

Josiah Chambers 
December 29 2017

The Barack Obama Effect 
President Barack Obama sparked a realization within me that moved me maybe my picture of the future is closer to me than I thought it was. I was so used to being halted or at least hesitant to move past this imaginary “glass ceiling” of African American progress in my mind. that I had not realized that change is possible within my lifetime. Barack Obama is the physical manifestation that I can truly be anything that I want to be without limits. For once those words can serve as not just inspiration. but reality. I just think about the struggles that Barack Obama went through. and I use that thought as inspiration to help me knock down my barriers and to achieve my goals. When President Obama came into office and I did a little research on him and found that we were in kind of the similar situation growing up. I began to believe. We are frequently stereotyped to be criminals and seen holistically as being non-goal oriented. When I look at Barack Obama. I see a man who strives to change this perception. Not only of     black males. but of African Americans in general. Barack Obama marked the beginning of limitless potential for black males. We no longer have to settle for less. and we are capable of achieving goals that were once unfathomable. 
Growing up I was always told I could achieve any goal I set my mind to. but now, this philosophy is becoming more real. I now believe I can go where there is no path and leave a trail. My path to success does not stop when I graduate. Education is forever and i plan on learning all  that I can. The more I learn and apply my knowledge the more successful I become. Barack Obama to me means change, opportunity and success  Barack is a symbol of my future. 
Former President Obama gives all African Americans sound proof that we all hold the potential to be whatever it is we dream of. It takes about 
I remember my family as we all gazed at the television screen. As they counted the ballots for each state, my heart pounded, and I knew that this particular moment would make history and not follow tradition. It was down to the final states, and as they announced. my family and I screamed cries of joy. The day President Obama was sworn in I was with my whole entire family. When he was being sworn in the older generation watched in awe and the younger generation didn’t know what this signified, and me, I became proud of the fact that I can honestly tell myself and my future children that they can be anything they want, even become president, and say it with confidence. 

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