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Jewellery also played a significant role in Greek society as
far back as 1200 BC. Greek jewellery was rich and reflected the success of Greek
society. The Greek jewellery style followed their beliefs in the gods and
symbols. The Greeks used materials such as simple stone clay and bones in the
designs of their jewellery. At the beginning, their designs were very basic
with the purpose of just being a form of self-expression and decoration but
later these designs became more and more complicated and jewellery then began
to reflect the wealth and power of those with higher status such as rulers. In ancient
Greece jewellery was viewed as a symbol of nit just power and social status but
also as a way of warding off evil and as a celebration of the gods. Unlike the
Egyptians, it was mainly the women that wore the jewellery in Greek times,
whereas in ancient Egypt it was the Egyptian pharaohs that showed off their
power and status by wearing heavy gold and bright jewellery. Although the Greeks
got many of their techniques for making jewellery from the likes of Egypt, they
managed to keep their designs very different and unique of style, which
remained unchanged and similar for many centuries that followed. The primary
material used in Greek jewellery making was different metals, mostly gold, but
also silver, bronze and lead, as well as various alloys. Carefully crafted
rings, necklaces and pendants were the main types of jewellery worn throughout
the Greek period. The coming of the Golden Age of Greece was a huge milestone
in the making and design of Greek jewellery.1 At
this time, the culture blossomed and enabled the advancement of jewel making
technology. The Greeks could now use moulds and thin gold leafs which enabled
them to manufacture some antique pieces of jewellery that have been kept and
are preserved today. These pieces of Greek jewellery have been regarded as
masterpieces. Their designs combined both gemstones with the use of gold. The most
common and popular gemstones used were emeralds, amethysts and pearls. 2 Jewellery
was often a very sentimental thing to the Greeks and was the type of item they
would often pass down through generations. Jewellery was also occasionally used
as an offering to the gods as it was seen as being valuable.