Jean-batiste , Moliere signs is last play “Le Malade

 Jean-batiste Poquelin was born January 15th 1622, died on February 17 1673 and was raised by  is two parents until the age of 10 when his mother died, he is one of the most famous French  playwrites who wrote over 33 plays. But before he became the author that he was, he was son  of a merchant but he refused to take over the family buisness, after this he started to follow law  studies to become a lawyer. He then becomes a lawyer but he gave up the possibility of a social  promotion that could offer him that diploma.   Against the advice of his father he decided to become a comedian and with the help of  Madeleine Bejart he founded the theatrical company “L’illustre-Theatre” and then grafually  gave him self the name Moliere. Unfortunately the reasons that led him to choose that  pseudonym remains unknown. In 1645 the company went bankrupt and Jean was imprisoned  for depts, but only stayed for two days because is father intervened. The same year he joined  Charles Dufresne’s troop and they traveled south-west of France for over 13 years, and in 1650  he became the leader of the troop. Five years later he wrote “L’etourdie” witch was performed  in the city of Lyon in France. In 1658  he returned to Paris with an exceptional acting  experience. He received the protection of the king’s brother and he performed in front of the  young Louis XIV in the Louvre. In 1659 he wrote “Les Precieuses ridicules” witch was his first  great success. In 1662 he married a 19 year old actress named Armende Bejard, the daughter of  Madelaine Bejard. This marriage with the daughter of his mistress got him accused of  incestuous relations with this person who could have been his daughter. The same year, he  achieved his first master stroke by writing “L’ecole Des Femmes”, the first of the comedies of  maturity, in five acts and verse. This play, witch raised important questions (the institution of  marriage and the education of girls), contrasts very sharply with the usual themes of jokes or  Italian comedy.   After “Amphytrion et l’Avare” , Moliere signs is last play “Le Malade Imaginaire”. During is  fourth performance, he falls on stage and dies a few hours later on February 17 1673. Having  not abjured is profession of comedian (considered immoral by the church), he narrowly escapes  the mass grave on the intervention of the king who in 1665 officially took Moliere under his  protection. Moliere’s actors founded “La Commedie Francaise” seven years after his death.