Jace and if he wanted his older brother to

Jace gripped his leather overcoat and well worn sword securely strapping them to his person. “Absolutely not, this conversation is over” he stated calmly to his brother. Not even bothering to send a sparing glance in his direction. “No it’s not! You forget I am just as stubborn as you are, I will be coming with you brother!” Gunner exclaimed heatedly. ” Why do you always get to go the lavish parties, but the moment I ask I get shut down and told to sit in the corner, like a child?””Because brother of mine, I happen to be the one who was invited, not you. And like I said before this conversation is over Gunner. You will not be coming, you will stay here right where I told you to stay, or you will have to answer to me.” Gunner very loudly expressed his frustration. Gilles de Montmorency-Laval, Baron de Rais, had been at one point the richest man who lived in France. Not even the King; Charles VII could compare to his vast wealth. He fought side by side with Joan of Arc, and later was made the Marshall of France. Like most when they rose to a platform of power and notability, they let the power control them. And with the misuse of power very unsavoury rumours start to be thrown around. Gilles de Rais had started to become a sort of living legend, but not the good kind. These rumors about Rais were twisted to their very core. And perhaps that is why Gunner was so intrigued by the man. He wanted to know how true the rumors surrounding the Baron with a very prodigious lifestyle. What really got Gunner agitated was the fact that his older brother had got a personal invitation from the Baron himself to his Chateau de Tiffauges and would not allow Gunner to meet the man. Raising his voice and stomping his foot at Jace, ” You will take me with you brother!” Jace turned and gave him a smirk. ” Acting out like a recalcitrant child gets nobody anywhere Gunner, especially not you.” Bowing his head Gunner realised exactly where he had gone wrong in his approach. Moaning and groaning like a child never worked. Especially with Jace, and if he wanted his older brother to take him seriously he needed to get his act together. “We have discussed this about as much as I am willing to, you will not join me. You must keep our lovely sister company while I am away.””I understand how badly you wish to go, but unfortunately I do agree with Jace.” Ezra’s voice, even with every word suddenly turned the corner and entered the room. Two of the brother turning to their elder brother. Jace have a slow shake of his head while he chuckled softly. Gunner quickly gave a nod to acknowledge his presence in the room, then continued to protest his dismay. Reaching a hand out to his youngest brother, Ezra states “You must watch our sister, I would stay with you but I have previous engagements.””You as well as I know how well she can handle herself, she’s does not need a babysitter. And if she heard you say that there would be hell you pay and you know.” Gunner scoffed. “Tell me you remember the last time we were alone together, I can’t imagine you could forget. Out pure boredom she started to throw furniture, and shot at me!” Turning his head to hide his amusement at his youngest brother, who was so impetuous it was entertaining to think how he had finally met his match, in the form of their fiery-tempered sister. “I have complete and utter faith in you.” “Jace, I’m really not…” Completely and utterly exhausted from the conversation grabbed Gunner’s collar and stared at him. Gunner could bear the threat in every word that spilled from Jace’s mouth “I dare you to say it again, I dare you.” The room stilled with the voice they had quickly learned to associate with complete terror. “Our dad is still at large, and I will be damned if I leave any of my siblings alone and not able to defend each other! You will stay with Felicity, and you will not leave her alone. Now are we done, am I completely clear in my command?” “Why if you’re so adamant on any of us never, and I stress never, being alone, why do Ezra and you get to run around without protection?” Gunner gritted out.”As touching as your concern is over my well being, it is of no concern to you. Do what I tell you to do and there will be gumdrops and sugarplums when I get back. His tone held unyielding finality. With that Gunner huffed and stormed out of the room, the door falling off its hinges with the force of the slam. “And that door better be fixed before I get back to!” Jace shouted. Ezra let out a light chuckle, and turned and speak to Jace. “That boy I swear, ever wonder if he will outgrow his juvenile tendencies brother?” He said with fondness in his voice. “I’ll make you a deal, that ever happens I’ll actually believe that their may be a higher power out their somewhere.” Jace replied with an annoyed sign. “I do have a question Jace, you and I both know that if you did take him with you Rais wouldn’t be at all bothered if our young brother joined you.” Ezra asked unsure if he would even get a response or not. “Come with me” he said. Once they were far enough away from the house, Jace turned to his older brother and begins to speak, “the rumours about Rais, I know that you have heard hem.” It was a statement not a question.”Then you understand why I must not bring him. The rumors say that he has a liking to the kidnapping and torture of young children. I have heard from many different people, on many different occasions. SO i ask you, do you believe these heinous rumors?”Not waiting a beat he continues onward, “In fact i myself am without a doubt that the rumors are just the tip of the iceberg for what is actually happening at the Château de Tiffauges.” Jace said with a quiet voice. “I will find out the truth of what really lies beneath that castle, but if any the rumors even just a fraction, are true I will not bring Gunner. He is not himself at the moment and if they are true then this could destroy him.””How could I forget,” Ezra stated with sarcasm laced in every word, “the great Jace Sorensen, and the never ending quest to find the most evil human that this world can produce. Because we all know that you’re so stable yourself nothing can faze you. Tell me brother am I right?”I would be careful brother, you know my temper and this hold no bearing on anything you do.””Alas, unfortunately it is my dear brother.” Ezra said with a mocking but serious tone to his normally neutral voice. “You do what you wish Ezra,” Jace said as he turned away from his brother to go see his favourite horse in the stables. Borya was tall, sturdy, and black as night. He was the most spirited if not bullheaded Friesian that Jace himself had ever seen. At times he could almost be confused as a human, he had a sense of pride about him that no other horse had, like he knew he was the fastest, the strongest, and wanted to make sure everyone knew it. They were perfect for each other, Jace was the only one who Borya would ever let near him let alone ride him. Jace had been told that his horse was too wild, to untamed to ever be ridden. He never listened, why break a horse’s spirit when if you gave their trust they will be far more loyal.  But somehow along the lines with their constant battle for dominance, Borya always knew the right moment to quit jerking around and get serious.