I’ve of treatment or different treatment. It may alleviate

taken Intro to Psych and Abnormal Psych as a freshman at Gateway Community
College, so I’m familiar with, but not an expert on, the history and methods of
psychology, nature and nurture behavior, and learning and memory, as well as
signs of psychological disorders, mental disorder classification, and
approaches to treatment. However, being that this course is at another
institution, taught by a different professor, and current-trends change, I’m
confident that I’ll reinforce and learn more details regarding the major
subjects of psychology.

I’m naturally curious in human development, social psychology, and how we
perceive the world through our senses. It’s amazing that from infancy to old
age, we go through many physical, mental, and emotional changes; for example, the
environment and society that we live in, as well as our relationships with
individuals and groups, impacts our emotional and mental functioning.
Additionally, when we take in information, our brain goes through a complex set
of processes to internalize it and send signals around our bodies when needed.
It’s really fascinating how intricate yet connected the influences that mold us
are, meanwhile, to us we’re just moving through life. Like philosophy, it
really makes you think about how small humans are compared to the universe – if
that makes sense. I’d also like to understand more about what happens when we
sleep, the function of our dreams, and how psychoactive drugs affect our state
of consciousness.

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            As for my views and opinions about
psychology, I feel that the field is evidently important because it studies the
human mind and behavior, but I don’t think that it will ever reach a point
where it will solve everyone’s problems. When I think of psychology, I think of
medicine; we’ll ask you some questions to better grasp your problem, we’ll look
at your background, and then based on the result of others who have had a
similar problem, we’ll determine our course of action. The treatment may not
work the first time, so you may need a combination of treatment or different
treatment. It may alleviate your problem, but not cure it. You may even have to
go back to the doctor. The truth is, we’re all not the same. Manifestation,
symptoms, how the illness shows itself, and other factors vary. But like I said
before, psychology is still a necessary and revolutionary human service that has
a valuable history and is capable of changing lives for the better.

            I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in
Criminal Justice, with a Police Science concentration, and I hope to begin a career
in law enforcement once I graduate. I may be in a community that I’m not used to
and come across an individual who is unfortunately addicted to drugs – so his or
her psychological mindset is affected. Being that I have taken a broad psychology
course that encompassed a bit of everything, I will be able to better understand
his or her mind, and I will have an idea of why criminals act the way they do.