I’ve live with purpose. In essence it means you


I’ve been thinking about the idea of living with purpose
for quite some time. It’s an interesting concept. One that can have a positive
impact in every area of your life. Living with purpose enables us to get more
done and create greater meaning in our lives. Perhaps the most important
benefit is we feel happier and more fulfilled. All of these things make this an
important topic to discuss. They are also what inspired me to create a 30 day
series of blog posts to inspire us to action.

Over the course of the month we’ll take a look at living
with purpose and how we can start to live more intentionally. We’ll look at how
this will affect all aspects of our lives and of course I will have plenty of
hands-on tips and suggestions along the way.

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Let’s start today by talking a little bit about what it
means to live with purpose. In essence it means you have clearly defined goals,
you are intentional in the actions taken toward them and are passionate about
their completion. It’s all about refusing to let days pass you by in a state of
complacency and instead working with purpose to make the most of each and every

Living with purpose has a couple of big advantages over simply
existing. When you know exactly what you want to do with your life it enables
you to formulate a clear plan or path to get you there. It is no longer
necessary to get up each morning and try to figure out what you will do. You
can simply start each day by jumping in to continue working towards the goals
you’ve set based on your purpose.

Living with purpose will enable you to define and establish
a clear set of core values to guide you based on your purpose. This will come
in handy when it comes time to make a decision. You can think of these values
as your compass keeping you on track as you go.

Most importantly, living with purpose gives you a great
sense of self-worth. You know what you’re doing and you’re actively working
towards the goals you’ve set. Living your life with purpose will greatly
increase your overall happiness while deepening your feelings of self-worth and

In the end that’s what it’s really about, isn’t it? We all
want to live a happy and fulfilled life that has meaning. That’s why it’s
important to start thinking about living with purpose.

Last but not least, I’d like to invite you to join me on
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