Italy the Tiber River, Rome had a route to

Italy is a peninsula developing
about 750 miles from north to south. It is not very wide. The Apennine mountain
range forms a ridge running from north to south, dividing west from east. Most
important are the Po River valley in the north; the plain of Latium, on which
the city of Rome is located. As in other early civilizations, geography
portrayed a crucial role in the development of Rome.The location of the city of
Rome was especially favorable to its early settlers. Located about 18 miles
inland on the Tiber River, Rome had a route to the sea. Nonetheless, it was far
enough inland to be relatively safe from pirates. It could be easily defended
because of its position, built on seven hills.The Italian Peninsula is an
important crossroads between the western and eastern Mediterranean Sea due to
the way the land juts into the sea. After the Romans had established their
Mediterranean empire, governing it was made easier because of Italy’s primary
location.By the second century b.c., the Senate had become the real governing
body of the Roman state. Members of the Senate were drawn mostly from the
landed aristocracy. They remained senators for life and occupied the chief
offices of the republic.The Senate and political offices were increasingly
controlled by a narrow circle of wealthy and authoritative families. Of course,
these aristocrats constituted only a tiny minority of the Roman people. The
backbone of the Roman state and army had inevitably been the humble farmers. In
27 b.c., Octavian issued the “restoration of the Republic.”He knew that only
traditional republican forms would satisfy the Senate. Although he indicated
some power to the Senate, Octavian in fact became the first Roman emperor. In
27 b.c., the Senate awarded Octavian the title of Augustus, “the revered
one,” a fitting title in view of his power, which previously had been reserved
for gods. Augustus proved to be tremendously popular. No doubt people were glad
the civil wars had ended.Augustus’s new political system assigned the emperor
to select his successor from his established or adopted family. The first four
emperors after Augustus came from his family. They were Tiberius, Caligula,
Claudius, and Nero. During their reigns, these emperors took over more and more
of the responsibilities that Augustus had given to the Senate. As the emperors
grew more powerful, many became more corrupt.The U.S. is a country of 50 states
covering a vast swath of North America. George Washington was the first
President, and The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Both of
these rather comprise well-known events throughout the course of our countries
history. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both
debated and adopted in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.The example of the first
great republic in history was omnipresent in the minds of America’s founders as
they created a new republic century later. After Rome. Rome was believed to
have frequent the most successful country, that is until the united states came
along. As many people say “There is no was the United States will fall like
Rome did!”Many believe it won’t happen, but others? Think it just might. As I
have, many opinions on the government others are different and say Trump is
going to ruin the United States, when really, it’s the people who think that.
They say they don’t want us to fall yet they are leading us in that
direction!!As America is believed to have become more successful than the Roman
Empire, it may not be. The Roman Empire was built up over many years of tremendous
work, most of it was worked on as a whole. Yes, America was with the founding
fathers, but is it still? If you think about it, we could be heading down the
same path, and if we don’t watch out? We’re done for. We need to stand together
as one.Things we have in common with the Roman empire are as follows: fear of
centralized authority, open societies and selfless leadership. Although there
has been an increase in violence, it is nowhere near the level of the 1960s.
America’s economy could certainly be doing a lot better. It could also be doing
a lot worse.We have to live off the way the founding fathers created America to
be. As the United States is actually ment to be an expirament. An experiment of
a democracy, because many people didnt think a democracy would last. If we keep
up acting the way we are acting as American citizens right now? We will end up
falling like the Roman Empire. Do you want to fix things or do you want to be a
part of the people ruining the united states? We need to fix the way we behave
to each other or we will be no longer. I don’t want to end up like the Roman
Empire. Do you?