It undergo a paradigm shift; assume Frank to be

It is rather amusing
how we often seem to have hypocrisy rooted deep in our day-to- day lives. More often than not,
we end up acting hypocritically on many fronts – the most fundamental being
forming a first impression about people. Everyone is familiar with the saying First Impression is the Last Impression. Many pay their respect to it up until another famous saying rings bells
– Never Judge
a book by its cover.
This is just one of the many instances wherein our thoughts
seem to be in a battle of their own, so do our instincts
and beliefs.

It is a very predictable activity
for us to form a first impression as an act of tutelage to our well-being when
we first meet
someone. Subtle cues
of body language
tend to have
a butterfly effect on the interlocutor’s mind. It takes
about 90 seconds
for the interlocutor to form his or her first impression about you. The initial 90 seconds might make it in the long
term or break it. True, relying too much on first impressions might bring up a risk of ending up in a critical spot, should the second thought
for the person
change. We might
claim not to judge a book by the cover; however,
we seem to forget completely about people – the human books. Let us look at the case of a working professional named Frank. Consider
a situation wherein Frank
is waiting in the queue
at the copy machine for some copy
work. He is a very outgoing
person, with open, approachable body language and is at ease with himself. Due
to the queue, Mr. Frank starts interacting with an acquaintance of his. He is
very friendly and likable – an extrovert. He indeed made a striking first
impression in this case. Now let his personality undergo a paradigm shift;
assume Frank to be of a rather conservative nature – hands crossed, posture
slouched, avoiding eye contact, seldom smiles
and to top it all, a slow drooping walk – an introvert nature.
People will find it a tad
difficult to approach him due to the first impression they have apparently
gotten. Though complete body language
analysis is an entire field of study,
one need not be au fait with all
the nitty gritty, since the basic human instincts take the responsibility of
forming first impressions. A careful look
at the extrovert Frank tends to portray him
as insincere since
he wasted his time
chatting instead of going to another place
for the copy work. The introverted
Frank, similarly, appears
to be a workaholic, as he will
just get the work done
with little to no
conversations in between, thus increasing his pace of achieving targets. Though
intellectually both the versions of Mr. Frank
are same, the one shot at first impression set out
by them might make a profound difference while considering prosperity at work based on their innate nature. The
workhorse Frank will receive praise for his industrious work, whereas his colleagues will
praise the extrovert version since he mingles enough
with them. Over the long term, however, both will have gained equal respect and accolades for their
performance. This is how a matter of sheer first impression can make a difference for the
same intellectual mind.

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Accordingly, the first impression does seem crucial
initially as it reduces the further
effort to build the image of the person. First impressions are, no doubt,
the most lasting.
In spite of this,
the wise words
– Appearances can indeed be deceptive – voices the concerns
of making the mistake. Only through enough
experience can our instincts provide
us with a viable first impression of the person
up to some accuracy. In to, the single shot taken thoughtfully at first impressions actually is imperative for long-term cooperation.