It things in common like interests, age, ideas and

It is true that parents
are the best friend of child. Every child is influenced by parents from the early
life. The main responsibility of the parent is to teach the children about the
world, what is right and wrong. For achieving this, the parent-child
relationship should be solid and affectionate.

a family’s role is very important in society. Children learn by watching the
examples of others such as speaking, eating and walking. The family’s purpose
is same. An example of it is that sons, who have seen father’s rude behavior extreme
violence towards another, practice these same activities. The role of the
family is to be a model so that others within the society can relate and it results
in the betterment of the society. Mitchie Kenney, of L.S.S.P says truth is, “Modeling
behavioral expectations for your child” and also “Do what I say, not as I
do,” simply doesn’t work when it comes to effective parenting. This is an origin because of which today’s young parents are
more devoted towards their children. 

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how to respect others is learnt by watching how parents communicate with others
especially when there’s a disagreement. According to David in ‘Lessons I Learned
From My Parents’, in situation like these, parents always listened to the other
person patiently, explained their perspective and tried to find a solution that
is acceptable. Calvin Sun of Tech Republic
says in his essay, “water under the bridge”, means that if a matter
is settled don’t keep a record of it. Get rid of it, scrolling the past
differences leads to productive results and can also lead to bad feelings. Looking
back is only to learn what happened, so that you can avoid similar mistakes in
the future.

Third of all parents are not only an example in one’s life
but also teach about responsibility about life. At home mother can ask for help
in cleaning or cooking. Father can ask help to repair some things at home or
want one to organize and clean up their room. This experience will lead one to
help people, to share their responsibility and learn how to leave all together
in one house. This is important otherwise this knowledge can’t be learnt at
school. This teaching of theirs will help in our practical life

Moreover, parents have
a great influence on children’s success in school as well. For instant, if
parent shows an interest in their child’s study and talks about importance of
learning, child will listen and do best in studies.

However on the other side
of the topic; classmates, friends, and teachers also have a significant role on
child’s growth and development in school.

Classmates have many
things in common like interests, age, ideas and so on. Acknowledging each other’s
idea about different topics, gives new knowledge and experience. Doing their
home works together, sharing the fantasy and some unforgettable moments. As a
result of this, classmates can change child’s attitude towards school. To be friendly is to smile, to have warmth, to exude
a sense of kindness, to be forgiving and compassionate, and to be the kind of
person that other people like to be around is different. Friends care about
each other, by supporting others through painful and sorrowful times, as well
as in times of joy. A friend in need is a friend in deed, having a better
understanding  of feelings, the peer
pressure, the thoughts you would be having.

Teachers are also like
parents yet not sharing same house which makes them a little stranger. A
teacher can guide kids to be honest by setting a good example in class. The
instructor should be honest in dealing with the class. A teacher will always
read and tell class stories about honesty and dishonesty, and how dishonesty is
never really appreciated or this is never possible that dishonesty is not
caught. Studying battle, the hard work should begin in the schools and
classrooms. Students must not be allowed to be lazy, and they should be
required to complete all assignments on time. Students should be given proper time to think and then
express their ideas. The concept of thinking
time is a slot of silence between teacher and students so that both can process
tasks, feelings, oral reply and actions. A good teacher will get
his students work hard by offering them rewards that include comments of

To put it in a
nutshell, relationships between parents and a child play an essential role in
child’s success in future life. If this culture remains parents should not be
afraid of bad influence from the outside. Without parents this world is a
lonely place.  A parent is the only
person who’s going to stand with one in any condition. Being punished by them
is to teach a lesson. No doubt, at times having a feeling of them being irritating
is something usual but soon you will learn that it was for your own betterment.
The feeling when parents are around is like having a treasure.