It The poor and humble man is brought into

  It is hard to be a good Christian and be a
business person. In the Bible, business people are seen as unchristian like,
immoral, and unethical. It is written in 1 Corinthians 15:33 “Do not be
deceived: ‘Bad company corrupts good morals.” In the Bible, businessmen are
seen as power hungry and money hungry. A rich, greedy, man who does not give
back to the church or the poor, ends up being dragged to heaven and weighed
down by his money. The poor and humble man is brought into heaven by angels and
is given everything he did not have on Earth.

    Be honest with customers is key when it
comes to business success. It is hard to determine what you should disclose to
a customer and what they have a right to know. Many unethical and immoral
things can occur when one is not honest with a customer. If a company is not
honest with a customer straight out the gate then customers will never trust
that company and will never buy from them again. Word-of-mouth is very
important in the business community and there is a negative word-of-mouth then
the company’s lifespan may be short-lived. It is written in Leviticus 19:14,
“Do not…put a stumbling block before the blind.” This means that even though
one cannot see what you are doing you still should not take advantage of them.

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It is common to find yourself in a situation where it is easier to cheat and a
take advantage of a customer in order to increase profits. For example, a
luxury makeup brand could be claiming to use premium products like the sap from
rainforest trees in the Amazon, but they are really used sap from trees grown
in a company greenhouse. By claiming it is rare sap they can charge a customer
more money even though it is cheaply made, therefore giving the company more
profits. This is cheating the customer and is seen as highly unethical and

    Leviticus 19:18, “Love your neighbor like
yourself,” is a verse that is key in the business community and also important
in customer service. Customer service is not every business strong suit but
following the idea of treating and speaking to a customer the way you would
want to be spoken to is what can aid in creating a strong customer service.

    It is important to be truthful and honest
with customers because this helps a company be seen as ethical, moral, and
trusting. If a company is seen like this they are more likely to get repeat
business from their customers. They will also see an increase in their company
because of customers telling others about their business. Honesty and integrity
is a key biblical principle that is taught throughout the Bible. An honest man
is a holy man. By having good morals, good ethics, and honesty a business can
grow and be more like Christians in a world where it is difficult to be a