It product is the SiteCatalyst data collection and processing

It is more correct to call the Omnitura Adobe Online Marketing Suite. It covers almost all needs in the field of web analytics. Omiture offers not only tools for collecting and analyzing information, but also various plug-ins for the site, which, for example, can recommend visitors some content or product, taking into account dozens of parameters, up to how many times these visitors called by phone to your company’s technical support . The latter is possible provided that this data will be uploaded to the system by a special file or transferred via a separate interface.The main product is the SiteCatalyst data collection and processing system. Variables and labels can be made up to 150 pieces and transmit them simultaneously. SITECatalyst is just the main core and foundation for other products, although many companies are limited to them. In fact, all other Omniture products are different kind of add-ons for SiteCatalyst, which add certain functions, and at the same time help to expose an additional account to the client. And the amount of this account can immediately exceed the base package. It all depends on what and how much will be used. The fee is taken, as a rule, for the number of calls (data transfers) to Omniture servers. The more traffic you have on the site, the more you will have to pay.But large companies will not scare the accounts, especially if it is about obtaining quality information, which is convenient to work with. Therefore, the most popular add-on is Omniture Discover. In it, you can create metrics yourself with a large and complex set of conditions and formulas that use dozens of parameters, and then through them do a deep segmentation of data up to the 5th level of nesting.Generally, the Discover interface, compared to Site Catalyst. If in SiteCatalyst you would have to create special reports, add metrics to them, taking care of their compatibility and compatibility and the like (painstaking and long work), then in Discover you just choose which segment to highlight from. All parameters, labels and metrics are simultaneously accessible here.After Discover, it’s worth mentioning a few more Omniture products. Omniture Survey can be very useful and interesting. This is a completely ready mechanism for conducting polls on the site with a huge number of options for submitting information. Everything that you have ever seen in other similar systems of conducting online surveys is already there. These are the types of questions themselves (multiple, with a response scale, and so on), and the options for submitting them on the site: from graphic design to visibility settings to visitors, for example, no more than once a day if it has not yet responded to it. But the main thing is that you will again know almost everything about those who will participate in this survey, and you will be able to study the answers in detail and segment the data by any of the above criteria through the same Discover.SiteCatalyst is about 1000 pages with examples and descriptions of everything and everything. But in paid systems you will not be left alone with the implementation guide. Each client is usually assigned a technical specialist who helps to make the initial configuration and advises in the future on all emerging issues. It is clear that in some cases this will also cost individual money.