It on crashes and the number of calls for

It is understood that
community policing is a partnership between the local police agency and the
community it serves in. The attempt is to integrate the policing mentality and
resources more fully to the neighborhoods and community it aids. As well as, to
getting the open channels as the local community can keep in touch with the
police personnel. The concept would allow the community to deliver input, in
order to establish priority with police agency. This is to have a peaceful
community and decrease the crime rate.

            McAllen Police Department strives to endorse the cities
safety and prevent crime. McAllen Police Department maintains a flexible police
force that utilize cameras and initiates its own community policing. However,
living just five blocks west from McAllen is another city that I visit daily.
The Pharr Police Department trains its members and gives a better understanding
of the community. Patrol Officers not only apprehend criminals, but by
assisting the communities traffic jams, dark areas for children and family or
abandon vehicles that look suspicious. “The officers act to resolve these problem areas, which our citizens are
affected by and at times don’t know who to call upon (City of Pharr).” Everyone in the community is welcome to participate in in the
Suburban block meetings. It helps patrol officers with any criminal activities.
The Pharr Community Policing have also contributed in projects to keep the city
clean, remove old vehicles or the removal of used tires.

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            A unique approach that began in 2015 with the Harlingen
Police Department is the access of information that its entire citizen can
observe through the Police Data Initiative. Reports available for the public
are data on traffic stops and car crashes. Residents can see the data on
crashes and the number of calls for services. HPD is leaning to a level of
transparency and a collaboration between the local citizens and the law
enforcement. ” According to the
reports, there were more than 33,000 calls for service during that period. The
calls are related to ongoing crime, including burglaries, domestic
disturbances, welfare checks, alarm activations, auto accidents, suspicious
persons and many more (Sommer).” The report goes into a larger detail offering
the reader a location of the coordinates an accident occurred. Furthermore, the
report entails why and when the officers applied force, whether through a fight
or using a Taser. A report in 2015 from January thru August, thee were
approximately 8,000 traffic stops and over 1,700 auto collisions. The
description includes officer’s name, violation speed and weather conditions.
Harlingen Police Department continues to post more reports on how motorist are
pulled over and which crimes are reported. This is to improve and help
facilitate its citizens and continue to build trust and strengthen the city of