ISU Explanation: Nailer is saying that whether you are

ISU ReportQuote 1)      “Some people were born lucky and they sailed on clipper ships.And then there some who were beach rats like him and Pima.” Explanation: Nailer is saying that whether you are born into a lucky family or not determines whether you will have a good future. For example right here Nailer is saying that you can either be born and sailed on a nice clipper ships or you can have it the hard way and be born into a hard life and become a beach rat like Pima or Nailer.Why I chose it: I chose this quote because i agree with Nailer on this subject, there are many people who are born into poverty and have to fight for food but there are also people who have everything handed to them and in some cases that gets to their head and they might look down upon people who don’t have it as lucky as them. Quote 2)    “Just saying what we all know. Pima is worth ten of Bapi, but that doesn’t     matter.” Explanation: Moon Girl is saying that Pima, who is a good and kind person and is a better person than Bapi, who is the crew leader but is not a good person and treats everyone else like scum, even though Pima is a better person it doesn’t matter because Pima’s circumstances are worse than Bapi’s.  Why I chose it: I chose this quote because it also relates to what Nailer said, he said that some people are born into better circumstances than others, and it doesn’t matter whether you are kind or mean, you can be either of a higher class or a lower class.Quote 3)               “The half man made a face of contempt. “You can’t read?”Explanation: This quote proves that money and power is not the only thing that puts you in your social place, intelligence and education also play a role, even among two people at the bottom of the social chain, a half man and a poor boy, the half man can say he’s higher on the chain because he is able to read and Nailer cannot.Why I chose this quote: I chose this quote because i found it interesting that even people at the bottom are also sharing the same contempt for power and hate those below them just as much as the people at the top, I would’ve thought that at the bottom people would not care about social power but about helping others because you only know what you have when you lose it.