Isabella zone cannot receive or send radio or T.V

Isabella Claeson12/5/17Period 1Mr. ParsloeInformational Essay – The Silent ZoneThe Silent Zone of Mexico Mexico has many strange things that happen there. The Mayans fought with hornets, hot chocolate is the drink of the gods. by far the silent zone in Mapimi Mexico is the weirdest.  There are strange phenomenons happen the. There have been alien sightings along with ufo’s. Why do all these weird things happen there?The first event that happened there was in the late 50’s. A meteor crashed had had crystalline. Crystalline crystals are a property that is a clear type of rock and had outdated our solar system. That was the beginning to the silent zone. Then in 1930’s a plane crashed. The pilot Francisco Sarabia, had claimed the his radio had stopped working and most of his other tools. That was the first human encounter with the silent zone. Then in the 1970’s America fired a missile from White Sands Missile Base then the missile unexpectedly went off course and hit the silent zone.  That was the first the public had heard of the silent zone. Why did all these unexpected things happen?The silent zone is different from a normal desert, it does have sand, cactus , and deadly snakes. Interestly, though the silent zone does have the same latitude lines as the Bermuda Triangle. Also the people in the silent zone cannot receive or send radio or T.V signals. There also is high, high levels of  the iron and magnetic propertie magnetite. There are also other unusual properties as uranium. Lastly there have been sighting of aliens and ufo’s. Why though, just in the silent zone?The scientist can’t figure these weird phenomenons out, for example, the radio signals, people think it is because of the aliens. Then the sightings of the aliens they think it is because aliens have figured out how to travel millions  of light years. Also ufos why would they be so small when carrying aliens through space.  I bet you all want to know the truth why these weird things are happening. My hypothesis is  The radio signals are getting blocked by the high levels of magnetite. There are no aliens involved because why would aliens spend thousands of light years on a small ship to travel to earth? Also there are no aliens. Furthermore, I can imagine that the ranchers are being funny and pranking people. For those ufos, they are most likely also a joke or a prank. That’s the truth that needs to be out there, the scientist need to know this. For years, wierd things have happened in the silent zone. There have been sightings of aliens of ufos. There have been meteors that have crashed. The silent zone has caught many people off guard for years and years.I have Figured out why all of these weird things are happening. I have figured out why these things are happening when it has taken people years to figure it out. What will happen next in the silent zone? What other weird and unusual things will happen in the silent zone? Biblyography   Corrales, Scott. “BEYOND REALITY: MEXICO’S ZONE OF SILENCE.” Zone of Silence, “Mapimí Silent Zone.” Atlas Obscura, Atlas Obscura, 24 Sept. 2009, Silent Zone, Mexico’s Zone of Silence, Zona Del Silencio. N.p., n.d. Web. 5 Dec. 2017. .