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Is the best way to deal with conflict facing it head on, avoiding it, or cutting out all ties with the human race? Everyone has daily conflicts whether it’s from a family member, co-worker, or peers. It’s also important that we know how to deal with these things. Different articles from the SHRM, the play of The Diary of Anne Frank, and the story of 37 People who saw a Murder support the idea that communicating is the best way to resolve conflict. An example of communicating to stop conflict is in the play of The Diary of Anne Frank. Peter and Anne have a terrible relationship before Anne walks in his room and talks to him about her problems. This is proved when Peter states to Anne that he thought she was “fine just now” when Anne stood up to Mr. Dussel. This conveys that communicating can stop the conflict before it becomes longer. Another reason why communication can be the best way to solve conflict is that it prevents conflicts from getting bigger and personal. An example is the story of 37 People who saw a Murder didn’t call the Police where, as the title suggests, 37 people who saw a murder didn’t call the police. It was baffling that none of them called each other, the police, or even go outside and help. Lieut. Bernard Jacobs states he was “surprised no one called him that night!” Again, this is a reason why communicating is a good way to stop conflicts from evolving to a bigger situation. Lastly, communicating can give you the opportunity to learn both sides of the story. According to Philosopher Tamara Lyte, she states “in the workspace, when two people have a conflict communication can resolve the situation to a positive one rather than a negative one.” A negative conflict is when the situation prolongs and is never solved. “Worse, if it continues it can become personal and emotional” (Lyte 1). Instead, you would want it to become into a positive conflict where you find a decision to please both sides and make a stronger relationship with that peer or co-worker. Though evidence strongly agrees that that communication is the most effective way to solve conflict, others might believe that avoidance might be the better choice. This, in fact, isn’t true. Avoiding conflict and hoping time may fix it or leaving it alone could increase the problem. As it was said earlier, having the conflict continue will unfortunately result into a personal conflict. Also this weakens the relationship between you and the other person, and worse, or maybe even the workspace around you. So next time you have a conflict with a friend, think of communication and how it can impact your problem positively.