“Investment of Research and Development in the Republic of

“Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) is essential for economic development and social progress” -United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).       International technological and scientific ventures emphasize the outwards expansion and advancement of governmental bodies. Market vulnerability still exists, particularly given the moderately new administration in the United States of America, and concerns about global development and potential financing costs increases. All things considered, technological innovation continues to escalate, and financial specialists are being compelled to reevaluate the definition of investing in innovation today. The emphasis on technology and innovation for the youth showcases its importance across nations and its immense potential impact on future generations. With ‘Generation Z’ thriving in the prospects of humanitarian rights and equality, the scientific investment on technological advances is a salient move that needs to be attended to. The issue being attended to by the delegate of the Republic of Belarus is the methods of investment, as well as nationalizing private investments and focusing on a greater research-involved investment, rather than the ‘fundamental’ profit marginalized private market. The international investment on technology and innovation for the youth can change the face of the future, and can assist in mass globalization as well as international progression.     Currently, over 159 local tech organizations work, as residents of Belarus’ High Tech Park, integrating 25,000 tech experts. The Tech Park was set up in 2005 by a decree from the Belarusian president, sheltering its occupants with a special preferential tax jurisdiction which fundamentally lowers operational costs. The governmental key arrangement, which is focused on boosting IT exports, has conveyed worldwide innovative enterprises to Belarus. Following ten years of operation in Belarus’ High Tech Park, a range of tech world pioneers, such as Viber, Fitbit, and Jubo to name a few, have opened centers of Research and Development in the Republic of Belarus.