Introduction XX century, during the childhood of the author


In 2017, while I was making a research about the
best books in the world, I ran into the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” ,written
by Harper Lee. The rating of this book was awesome,which made it a must-read to
me.So in the weeking I went to the DNR book store in Istanbul and I bought this
book. It was awesome! I took a lot of lessons from this book,mostly about
manliness,which I would like to share with you,but after the summary.

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“To Kill a Mockingbird” is a first
novel of such rare excellence that it will no doubt make a great many readers
slow down to relish the more fully its simple distinction. It passes the test
with honors. 

The novel
takes place in the city of Maycombe, Alabama in the thirties of the XX century,
during the childhood of the author himself. The unhurried provincial life of
this typical, “slovenly” southern city “explodes” by a
lawsuit over the foolishly accused of violence against the white girl Negro Tom
Robinson. All his events are shown through the prism of the perception of the
eight-year-old girl Jean Louise. This principle of narration makes the story
alive, entertaining. The world of childhood, filled with special smells,
sensations, mysteries, “horror stories”, games, discoveries and
knowledge of the surrounding reality, captures the reader from the first pages
and magically holds to the last. This is the main charm and attraction of the
novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Harper Lee
can almost always accurately maintain intonation, the style of thoughts and
perceptions inherent in an eight-year-old child. The choice of the epigraph is
not accidental: “Lawyers, probably, too, once were children” (Charles
Lam). Jean Louise does not analyze the events, but emotionally, sincerely and
sharply reacts to the falsity and injustice of the world around him, is perplexed
about the inconsistency and illogicality of adults (they condemn Hitler and
fascism, but are indifferent to racial problems in their country, talk about
human rights and dignity and prejudiced and cruel to the innocent Tom,
assessing the spiritual qualities of people by the color of the skin). For Jean
Louise (nicknamed “Glasastic”) the essence of people in their
kindness. All of them are “the same” for her, that is, good. The
voice of the main character is often joined by the voice of her alter ego,
grown up and wise by the experience of Harper Lee herself. It sounds not only
in detailed digressions about the history of Meikomb, the history of the Finch
family, but also in the position and words of the equally important hero of the
novel – father Louise, attorney Attkus Finch. Harper Lee once noticed that his
(Fincha) “the concept of life is the heart of the novel.” Drawing on
himself the wrath and contempt of almost the entire white population of the
town, he takes on the hopeless business of the black Tom Robinson. Atticus
Finch not with words but with an act demonstrates to his children his life
credo: “before the court all are equal, and if not me, then who?” –
chivalry and love for all people.

With special
sympathy and love, H. Lee presents in the novel “Kill a mockingbird”
black fellow citizens. Here there are no bad and evil, on the contrary, all
evil and injustice comes from whites. This fact allowed some American literary
critics to see “typical for many white writers of America and not always
justified idealization of Negroes, their natural kindness” and call this
trend “the black racism of white writers-southerners”. However, this
definition can be challenged by the position of the writer, clearly expressed
in the novel: all people are created free and equal in rights, regardless of
skin color, and to protect the humiliated and insulted real people who are not
too few. The title of the novel – “To kill a mockingbird” – contains
the hope for a fair punishment of a scoundrel who questions this basic idea of
??humanism and democracy.

Lesson from “To
Kill a Mockingbird” :

A man does the job no one else
wants to do.

A man lives with integrity every

The most important form of
courage is moral courage.

Live with quiet dignity.

Cultivating empathy is

Teach your children by example.