Introduction with attention being directed toward of the system.

The world is developing and continuously changing thereby
created and use new technologies to enhance manufacture. Primary sectors must
keep in mind the end goal to focus on the agriculture monitoring system by
using wireless and sensor networks. Some countries are working to build the
agriculture because the key wellspring of state income. Accordingly, the
process of building agriculture depends mostly on new technologies which are
used in operations. This project will discuss the different methods in the farming
processes with attention being directed toward of the system. Furthermore,
clarifying the basic components of this system in terms of its capacities and
functionality will be shown to help better understand on how to use these
methods. The aim of the dissertation is to investigate the risk assessment is
an ancient approach to look at or study the process that is created with a
few purposes. Moreover, building agriculture are inevitably exposed to risks.
Therefore, a valuation of the hazards for agriculture which depends on an
number of factors including the different types of strategies may minimize
the hazards through considering distinctive elements, for example, its
purposes, its cost and its limitations; the recognition and determination the
different risks that are related to the function of the system under
consideration and the controls required to reduce the hazard to a
satisfactory level to achieve a specific end goal which is build up a better
environment for the job. The solution to these problems is to use Agriculture
Monitoring system using wireless and sensor networks, Using sensors from
Libelium.  the main goal of most of the
wireless mechanisms is to design and develop an agricultural monitoring system
using wireless sensor network to increase the productivity and quality of
farming without observing it for all the time manually. Temperature, humidity
and carbon dioxide levels are the most important factors for the
productivity, growth, and quality of plants in agriculture. So, this system
periodically measures these parameters inside the fields Using the Libatel
system, it is a company of leading Information and Communication Technology
Systems Integrator in the Middle East and across the GCC., thus the farmers
or the agriculture experts can observe the measurements from the web
simultaneously. Moreover, when a critical change in one of the measurements
occurs, then the farmer will be intimated via mobile text message and e-mail
by an agriculture expert. With the continuous monitoring of many
environmental parameters, the grower can analyses the optimal environmental
conditions to achieve maximum crop productiveness, for the better
productivity and to achieve remarkable energy savings. In this case, the
evaluation of risks will aim to reduce the risks or lessen the hazard level
which can occur during the agriculture process through taking control
measures as appropriate to improve and maintain the safety level. As a
result, this assessment of the risk is very helpful because its goal is to create
a healthy and safe workplace. Hence, this will decrease the cost of health
and accidents, which are often estimated through organizations and bringing
in an expansion of cost of project, such as Ministry of Agriculture and
Fisheries Oman. Moreover, setting up the statements of safety, directing risk
assessments and working of what has been arranged are not just about reaching
any level of health and security management however it is the requirement of
legal. As a rule, the reviewers and investigators are looking at such
information or data about problems of safety and accidents that happen in a