INTRODUCTION the cars went on the same velocity(50m/s), and


This concept paper involves the analysis of a video of
a car collision of two automobile car and its safety features. The following
would be seen on the concept paper: the collision with the physics concept
behind it and the collision with the principles of it, the safety features of
the car which we would identify if it is present in the collision and the
concept behind the features with the impact of terms on safety of passengers,
including the damages upon the collision to both the vehicle and the passenger.

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Physics Concept

is a physics term that refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. If
an object is moving therefore it has a momentum. In short, momentum is defined
as “mass in motion.” This concept paper involves a collision of two automobile
car. When we talk about collision, it is governed by law of momentum and
energy.  In the video, it showed both the
cars went on the same velocity(50m/s), and the moment they collide, both
vehicles’ front crumples were destroyed and the airbags were present the moment
they collided. This collision is an experimentation on how responsive the Smart
Fortwo would react to a car crash. The damage was only on the front crumple
zone where it was destroyed but the airbag made the time of impact lesser for
the passenger to avoid concussion or any damages on their body. The opposing
car was a Mercedes. The damages were the same with the Smart Fortwo but the
difference of the two is their mass. Mercedes is heavier than the other car.


Physics Principles

Law of conservation of momentum

            Conservation means maintaining the
object. Law of conservation of momentum is about keeping the momentum the same.
Even if it involves a collision between two or more objects, the momentum
should remain the same amount.


            Momentum is the difficulty of
stopping or moving an object. It is also defined as a “mass in motion.”
Therefore if the object(mass) is moving(velocity), it has momentum. P = MA On
the other hand, Impulse is define as the change of momentum.  It is the product of force and time. I = FT.