Introduction planning a successful wedding that one has always



 Wedding Plan covers all
that is needed in planning a successful wedding that one has always dreamed of.

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When one has announced
their engagement and have sent invitation to their family and friends then they
need to start planning in advance so as to make a wedding that is successful


The following is put
in plan:


Type of wedding whether religious
or civil

Religious weddings are
done at the church then there after reception is done at grooms home or a
different venue. But civil wedding is done at regions registry office


The venue of the wedding

The venue of the
wedding is either at grooms home or a different place depending on the choice
of the planners. If the wedding is done at grooms home then preparations are
done early at the home of the groom. Weddings done in another place not at
grooms home may involve hiring the place. Payments made covers food, and other


The number of guests

Wedding planners
should know the number of guests expected in order to enable them know how to
plan the venue, quantity of food the be prepared, number of seats needed and
size of venue


The number of braid maids and

The braid and the
groom plans on the number of braid maids and groomsmen respectively. This
depends on their preferences since there is no fixed number for a wedding



Budget is the most
critical thing when it comes to weddings. This means that planners should
prepare a budget that covers every aspect of the wedding depending on the
available funds


Transport services

Transport services to
and from the wedding venue are put in place so as to have enough vehicles to
carry guests and other materials needed during the wedding



Food is also critical
during a wedding ceremony. Wedding planners should budget for food that is
enough for all the invited quests. Also they should factor in different
nutritional supplements or special food for people with special dietary needs.
Also traditional foods may be included in the plan


Photography services

Photography during a
wedding is also put in place. This may include video or still picture
photography or both depending on the preference of the groom and bridegroom






Music, drama or both
play a role in making a happy wedding. So wedding planners in consultation with
the groom and the bridegroom will either hire or seek entertainment services
from people or organizations known to them. Traditional singing and dancing is
also included




Wedding reception
should be planned depending on the preference of groom and bridegroom and their
families. Also the hospitality play a big role during reception 



Groom and bridegroom
are always the ones who choose the cake. Though they can involve their friends


Wedding attire

Dressing attire of
groom and bridegroom is also as per to their preferences.  They are responsible for choosing the attires
that they will wear and their groomsmen and bridegroom maids. Guests can wear
attires that are different from groom and bridegroom


Activities before the wedding

Booking wedding venue

Booking of photograph
session site


Preparing cake

Deciding pose style for
photo shooting

Arranging for dresses

Bridegrooms and her
maids  gets their hair done

Grooms and his groomsmen are
groomed well for the occasion


Activities on the wedding day

Taking the vows

Spreading flowers by flower

Cake cutting

Reception of guests




Taking meals and drinks