Introduction person. The picture usually shows the face or


The concept of narrative in
art and design is the most important element in the art industry. Art and
design field will be meaningless and powerless to the viewers without narrative
concept. Artworks are meant to carry out a specific message and talk to the
audients, they should tell an ongoing story and a sequence of events which
unfolds with the moment in time. The narrative in art tells stories with
picture.1.    Explanation
of the concept “narrative”Narrative is a report
connected to a series of particular events of reality of imaginary, it is a  presentation of sequence of written, spoken or
in a form of still and moving depictions or images. Oral storytelling is a good
example, it is the earliest method for sharing narrative to a child. This is
basically found in almost all forms of human creativity in art, drawing,
sculpture, photography, painting, literature journalism,novels, short
stories,music songs, and many other creative forms in general. At large,
narrative concept has been used in several art movements as form of
expressionism. It focuses on the observations in analytical form of practice. Particularly
it narrates in order to illustrate the interpretive scope and potential of the
artists or authors particular perspective. There are various approaches used
which have conceived narrative theory in many different ways. The concept of
narrative refers to author, time, plot, setting, perspective, character, and
other aesthetic values 1.    Explanation
of what portrait/ self-portrait/ selfie entail.PortraitA
portrait is defined as an artistic presentation of a person.
The picture usually shows the face or a bust as a sculpture. In most cases it
is intended to convey the mood and personality of the person depicted. A
portrait is referred to any artwork that depicts human figure. It can be in a
form of a drawing, sculpture or photography.Self-portraitOfficially,
a self-portrait is referred to a picture that depicts the artist that produced it. In most cases it’s produced
in different mediums of painting or of photography. Artists often give their
self portraits a title. Self portraits may also be portraits which include a
large group of people. Selfie Selfie
is typical photograph captured with a smartphone. According to the Oxford
dictionary selfies are normally taken by oneself and shared via social media.
They are basically captured in various ways which one of the common ways is by
using a selfie stick, which is held in the hand. The portraits, self-portraits and selfies
express all sorts of things, but initially entails similarity of elements which
is personal presentation. There can be bad self-portraits and good
self-portraits, but the self-portrait isn’t bad or good in itself. Like any
art, it depends on what you do with it.  2.    Discussion
of how narrative can be observed in the creative industry in generalNarrative becomes very broad
when one looks at it from the creative industry consist of a range of economic
activities which exploits the information and knowledge. Hesmondhalgh&
Howkins stated that creative industry may variously be referred to as the
cultural industries or creative economy and which recently have been
denominated as the Orange Economy in Latin America.  According to Howkins theory
the creative industry involves loads of art form or creative sectors which is
art, craft, design, publishing, fashion, film, music, performing arts, media,
graphics, and many more. The concept of narrative can be observed as an
increasingly important to the well-beings and it is contributing to the
artisteconomy. The artists and designers depend on the increasing generation of
knowledge through creativity and innovation. This means that creative skills
need to increase on daily bases in order for the artists to produce and develop
and revive the creative industry.

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