Introduction greenhouse effect, current earth’s surface temperature is rising









             I want to explain climate before I start to introduce the effect of Climate Change. The climate change is the long-term weather patterns are changed for the time, especially decades or much longer period time. This phenomenon is caused by altered energy within the earth’s atmosphere. And more detailed, natural process. For instance, Volcanic, earth’s orbit change, and many other factors are causes of climate change. However, people can also cause “Climate Change” such as making greenhouse gases, destroying a forest. Especially, by creating greenhouse gases is most causes the change of Climate. Greenhouse Gases, which involves CO2, Methane, Nitrogen monoxide and etc.) The speed of increasing climate change is the fastest speed during fast 20,000-years. It is a very serious problem. Even if it will be the very big problem, people just hearing the words “Climate Change” without any fear, responsibility. Moreover, some people are saying “it is natural”. Although people believe that climate change is just natural or cause by people, our earth is getting warmer. We call this phenomenon by “greenhouse effect”. By greenhouse effect, current earth’s surface temperature is rising during the 20th century. As a result that, the current ocean level rise too. It means that ice glaciers keep melting out. It is very simple logic. The earth is keep warming because of “greenhouse gases”, and that phenomenon leads that ice glaciers are melting out, and finally, the current ocean level rise. That is climate change, and we are living with climate change. There is effect of Climate Change what I want to explain.

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            First of all, Climate change affects the natural environment. As I mention that, the result of global warming lead to decrease Ice glaciers. It means current sea level is rising continually. According to some research, the temperature of North Pole rising 5C, which mean that the speed is five times faster than earth’s surface temperature during a fast 20th century. By increasing temperature lead to current sea levels have continued to rise. Here is some good chart that can support what I explain. 

As we can see, the chart indicates direct proportion global temperature and sea-level. This means many of Earth’s coastal regions will become the place where cannot live people. Islands such as Keira bass, the Maldives could disappear. Between 146 and 218 million people will lose their homes. Not only that, it could be put at risk with populations in China, Vietnam and Japan. Western nations will become exposed too, as the US and UK are predicted to see millions of coastal inhabitants forced to move.  In addition, there are other disasters, it is flooding. In back in the day, 1967 Line river flood, 1995 china flood, 2000 eastern flood and 2004 Bangladesh flood are caused by climate change. And there is another chart about the flood.

This map from NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) this chart is showing the risk of floods, when warmer climate. By showing an average of day per year, where coastal sea-level rise above the local threshold for flooding at 27 sites along U.S. coasts.

Those every single bar graph shows the first decade of measurements (the 1950s in orange) with the most recent decade (the 2010s in purple). As we can see that, frequency of flooding along U.S. Coasts are dramatically increased.

               Now, I will approach with the social aspect. If climate change will become extremely, there are a lot of disasters. So then, a lot of people could be lost their home, Job, and family. And those people will become a mass migration. With hundreds of millions of refugees their homes to escape the submerging ocean. So many socialist say that “mass migration will be that “Nobody can avoid the passing”. It means the flooding will reach out every people, such as noncoastal countries. This is because, as I mention earlier. The prediction that increase in global temperatures isn’t something that hits the whole world uniformly. Some areas will be affected than other areas, also those areas, where be affected are often poor and unprotected already. For instance, Japan, Philippines and Bangladesh are just some of the at-risk nations who will see an increase in hot days and tropical storms. Moreover, the percentage of food supply is decrease, their economies begin to shaking. There are hundreds of millions of people escape their nations to settle elsewhere. It makes me very scary me, it will be horrors of war over the next few decades, Because It might be that my family could be to a new phenomenon the climate refugee.

            There is more scary effect of Climate Change. It is that there is more sickness. As I mention that, a temperature increasing bring many horrific symptoms, such as Lyme, diarrhea, and diseases. Especially, one of the major cause those symptoms is E-coli bacteria. According to some survey, E-coli likes hot weather. We can get a result that diseases found that in some countries, e-coli cause diarrhea increased.

With this map, we combined with the factored form American Neurological Association that climate change is going to make taking a hot way is a lot more painful for millions of more people every year.

            Finally, climate change could impact the economy. The World Bank ask the money that the countries, where has no ability to take care people will need at least 100 billion dollars a year to help offset the impacts of climate change, but what if, your country leader don’t take money from the world bank and refuses to pay out.  According to a research by next-gen climate and simulation, climate change will cost the millennial generation a staggering eight point eight trillion dollars over their lifetimes. That means we cannot stay at home and get a sweet time. We can no longer afford. Our economic future was based on historical data taken from 166 countries over the past 50 years. The survey took based on the relationship between rising temperatures, the impact of this country’s GDP. Accounting for an increased number of natural disasters rising sea levels and the desertification of certain parts of the world. All of these factors greatly affect wheat and corn yields at home, abroad. By 2050, we could be dealing with an 83 percent increase in food prices.


             To sum up things up, if the future of a much hotter, it involves having extremely flooding, rising current sea levels, mass migration, and more sickness. Especially, the result of rising current sea levels effects mass migration, more charity, and even economic problem. There are a lot of problems what I could not expect. Also, increasing sickness makes me feel scared. As I said that, there are many causes of climate change. We can control our natural processes such as earth’s orbit, Volcanic, and many natural phenomena. Because we cannot expect those phenomena. But, we can realize and control how we can act for our earth. Such as reducing greenhouse gases, burning fuels and developing eco-system. We can live now, but our next generation can’t live with the insane effect of Climate Change.