Introduction feedback and also to conduct Satisfaction surveys with


This research was conducted to
gain an insight into the behavior of online purchasing from consumers. The goal
is to understand the purchasing decision Practical, personal psychological
consumers and find the factors that affect Online purchasing behavior.

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Results should help the Internet
marketer to identify product / service categories used for marketing or for
specific sectors of consumers. And this as well allows them to add or remove
features that are important in the buying decision process.

The Internet is changing the way
consumers shop and buys goods and services, quickly has evolved into a global
phenomenon. Companies use the Internet to transmit, communicate Publishing
information, to sell the product, to take feedback and also to conduct
Satisfaction surveys with customers. Customers use the Internet not only to buy
the product Online, but also to compare prices; product features and
after-sales service facilities. A lot Experts are optimistic about the
potential of online business.

In addition to the enormous
potential of the e-commerce market, the Internet provides a unique opportunity
for companies to reach more efficient existing and potential customers.

E-commerce scientists and
practitioners are constantly seeking a better vision in consumer behavior in
cyberspace. Along with the development of e-retail, researchers continue to
explain the behavior of electronic consumers from different points of view.


E-commerce is a deal to buy or
sell online. E-commerce relies on technologies such as mobile commerce,
electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, online marketing, online
transaction processing, electronic data exchange, inventory management systems
and automated data collection systems. A modern e-commerce network is usually
used for at least one part of the transaction life cycle, although it may also
use other technologies such as e-mail. Typical e-commerce transactions include
the purchase of books on the Internet (such as Amazon), music purchases
(digital music downloads such as iTunes Store) and, to a lesser extent,
personalized / personal alcohol storage. There are three areas of e-commerce:
online retail, electric markets, and online auctions. Supports e-business.

E-commerce companies may also
use some or all of the following:

Online shopping sites online for
direct retail sales to consumers

Providing or participating in
online markets, which processes business from a third party to a consumer or
consumer to consumer

Business to sale and purchase;

Collect and use demographic data
through web communications and social media

Exchange of B2B Data

Marketing to potential clients
and founders by email or fax (for example, with newsletters)

Engage in Brittail to launch new
products and services

Online financial exchanges for
currency exchange or trading purposes.

Government regulation

In the United States, some
e-commerce activities are organized by the Federal Trade Commission (FTS).
These include but are not limited to the use of commercial e-mail, online
advertising, and consumer privacy. The Kan-Spam Act of 2003 sets national
standards for direct marketing via e-mail. The Federal Trade Commission Act
regulates all forms of advertising, including online advertising, and
stipulates that advertisements must be honest and not deceptive. Using its
authority under article 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, which prohibits
unfair or deceptive practices, the Federal Trade Commission has set up a number
of cases to enforce promises in corporate privacy statements, including
promises on the security of consumers’ personal information. As a result, any
institutional privacy policy relating to e-commerce activity may be subject to
implementation by the Federal Trade Commission.

The Consumer Protection Act of
the Ryan Hight Online Pharmacy of 2008, which came into force in 2008, amends
the Controlled Substances Act for the treatment of online pharmacies.

Conflicting laws in cyberspace is
a major obstacle to harmonizing the legal framework for e-commerce worldwide.
In order to harmonize the law on electronic commerce worldwide, many countries
have adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Commerce (1996).

At the international level, the
International Network for Consumer Protection and Enforcement, established in
1991, is an informal network of fair trade organizations for government
clients. The purpose was to find ways to cooperate in addressing consumer problems
related to cross-border transactions in both goods and services and to help
ensure the exchange of information among participants for mutual benefit and
understanding. From this came, an EKBINE initiative since April
2001. It is a portal for complaints about online transactions and related
transactions with foreign companies.

There is also the Asia-Pacific
Economic Cooperation (APEC), established in 1989 with the vision of achieving
stability, security and prosperity for the region through free and open trade
and investment. The APEC has an e-commerce routing group as well as work on
setting up common privacy regulations across the APEC region.

In Australia, trade covers the
guidelines of the Australian e-commerce treasury, and the Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission regulates and advises on how to handle
online business and provides specific advice on what happens if things get

In the UK, the Financial Services
Authority (FSA) was previously the regulator of most aspects of the EU’s
payment services directive (BSD), until it is replaced in 2013 by the prudent
regulator and the Financial Conduct Authority. The United Kingdom implemented
the Private Sector Directorate through the 2009 Payment Services Regulation,
which entered into force on 1 November 2009. This policy affects the payment
service providers and their customers. These include banks, non-bank credit
card issuers, non-bank merchant suppliers, electronic money issuers, and so
forth. These companies have established a new class of regulated companies
known as payment institutions that are subject to prudential requirements.
Article 87 of the Directorate of the Private Sector requires the European
Commission to report on the implementation and impact of PSD by 1 November

In India, the Information
Technology Act of 2000 governs the basic application of e-commerce.

In China, the Telecommunications
Regulations of the People’s Republic of China (of 25 September 2000) provided
the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the government
department that regulates all communications-related activities, including
electronic commerce. On the same day, administrative measures relating to
Internet information services are the first administrative regulation of Internet-based
profit-making activities and lay the foundation for future systems governing
e-commerce in China. On 28 August 2004, the eleventh session of the Standing
Committee of the Tenth National Congress adopted the Electronic Signature Act,
which regulates the data message, electronic authentication and legal liability
issues. The law is the first law in China’s e-commerce legislation. This has
been a milestone in the improvement of China’s e-commerce legislation and marks
the entry into China’s rapid development stage of e-commerce legislation.


Is the sale, purchase or exchange
of products, services and information using an internal or external Internet

Access to the customer in our
time is very complicated for companies, and the traditional methods used in
advertising are no longer the results and their costs are appropriate, so the
electronic advertising was a new and modern method in the field of advertising
and we have chosen this research to try to clarify its impact on the behavior of
your Syrian consumer With the aim of defining its advantages, technologies,
costs and obstacles.

The importance of
consumer behavior in electronic marketing

Marketing plays an important role
in achieving the objectives of any organization. Marketing men today face great
challenges in designing product policies, with the desire of all to achieve the
best response from the consumers and their satisfaction. Therefore, the study
of consumer behavior is of particular importance is the essence of any marketing
process. In the study of consumer behavior we can identify the motives of
purchase or not, which is very useful for organizations today.

Marketing men also face a primary
challenge in choosing the most appropriate means to reach customers. It has
become very complicated and the traditional methods of advertising are no
longer cost effective.

The Internet has changed our
lives, and for the most part our lives are not individual, but as a fully
industrialized, economic and social society, in terms of economy, companies can
enter geographically distant markets and create their markets around the globe.

One of the most important things
in the Internet is electronic advertising, which has become an industry in
itself and a field of technical and practical competence.

E-Marketing: It is a strategy
that is used to organize the methods of modern communication technology by
transforming the virtual market into reality. E-marketing is an important part
of the modern comprehensive marketing strategy. It is an important type of
marketing methods that aims to achieve its objectives through the Internet; it
is also described as the process of applying the general principles of
marketing science through the use of electronic media, in particular the use of
the Internet

Advantages of

1.      The ability to develop a relationship with customers is great,
where there is continuous interaction, although some customers resist it, and
prepare it intrusive and negative to privacy, but the use of voluntary
reporting techniques is increasingly acceptable among people, especially among
those who frequented sites Commercial

2.      Use e-marketing in order to win customers to achieve great
benefit in order to be sold on a site and win customer loyalty

3.      Easy access to any product related information, access to the
required item in a short time, and exceeding the limits regardless of the
whereabouts of the item, leading to the entry of the commodity to the world and

4.      Open the way for everyone to electronic marketing, and not
limited to the large companies known, but the participation of the individual
or small company marketing easily

5.       Low cost and ease of
implementation compared to traditional marketing

Ways to succeed in

The quality of the product that
can be marketed and the service, where e-marketing contains a lot of ways so
choose the appropriate ones.

The budget set for online
e-marketing, for which marketing campaigns are conducted.

Marketing experience in terms of
how he deals with the mechanisms of e-marketing and continuous development in
the use of e-marketing in the digital marketing environment.

Types of e-marketing

Marketing through e-mail:

Marketing through e-mail is one
of the first methods of e-marketing. It involves marketing a product or service
to a targeted database of a particular segment of customers via e-mail.
Marketing through e-mail is one of the best ways of e-marketing because of its
low cost, targeting the right category, its simplicity of use, easy tracking,
tracking software, ease of publication, and increasing return on investment.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization is the
art of increasing your website’s visibility in the initial results of the first
pages of search engines like Google. This is done by targeting the keywords on
your website to appear in search engines in the first order. There are types of
search engine optimization techniques such as: content writing and blogs. Some
of the most important features of SEO are:

Low cost compared to paid ads
like Google.

Increase the number of visitors
and followers of your website for free.

Better return on investment than
paid ads.

You will be familiar with new
products through keywords that customers are looking for.

If you are in the first position
of the first results of the search engines it gives great fame that you are one
of the best companies in your activity and therefore increase sales.

Will be a source of confidence
for people looking for a solution.

Paid ads:

Paid ads are ads that appear in
search engines, and are one of the fastest types of e-marketing. They appear
next to or above search results. It depends on the keywords you use for your ad
to appear in search engines. And the most important features include:

The speed of its results.

Control your company’s budget
based on your company’s sales goals, since you’ll only pay if someone clicks on
your ad.

Your website appears frequently.

Easy to track (follow-up) through
keywords to see if it succeeds or fails.

Social Communication Channels:

Social Media is a kind of
communication with your customers in a direct way to highlight the value of
your company’s products and services and increase its popularity and spread
through several social battles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,
LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. There are marketing on social networking sites
that are unpaid or paid. The most important advantages of marketing on social
networking sites include the following:

The speed and ease of publishing

Increase your brand’s knowledge
and reputation through social media channels and increase sales.

Increase your customer loyalty to
your brand significantly if you interact with them on social media channels.

Target a specific segment or
category efficiently and know the needs of your customers.

Find and increase your page

Quickly respond to the followers
of your page and find out what Rodod did in a short time.

Increase the number of visitors
to your website and increase your rank in the search engines by directing your
social media followers to your website indirectly.

Online Advertising:

Online advertising is different
from paid advertising. Online advertising is advertising on websites owned by
other people. The main advantages of advertising on Internet sites include:

You can advertise to website
followers at a lower cost than traditional advertising costs.

Pay the cost to the advertising
company once regardless of the results.

Ease of measuring results.

Easier access to targeted
customers more widely.

Mobile App Marketing:

Design of mobile applications

 Is one of the largest types
of e-marketing, and this is due to the increase of smart phone users around the
world and the timely arrival of information. The most important advantages of
marketing through mobile applications include:

The application in its general
form is a program that stays on the user’s device 24 hours a day so having a
special application for your products and services gives you a golden
opportunity to keep the user seeing him whenever he uses his smartphone. .

The best thing about smart phone
applications is that they give companies the ability to communicate with their
customers right now through their geographical location. It is completed with
personal data information and creating new revenue opportunities from current

Electronic marketing mix elements

There is a significant impact of
online marketing on traditional marketing mix elements, which has led to a
clear change in the formulation of marketing strategy management for the
organization. The impact has included all elements of the 7P’s marketing mix as


The development of the Internet
and the technology used in building and designing the web has helped the
product to appear in many forms. The consumer has become very much in control
of the product characteristics such as color, exterior and interior design,
branding and others. Online the website is one of the most
popular sites that allow the consumer to control the product and build the


Consumers are able to identify
the lowest prices for products quickly, easily and at low cost, especially with
a relatively large number of suppliers and agents of interactive internet
marketing. There are many websites that allow consumers to access price information
from different suppliers. This is made possible by various e-marketing sites,
which makes it easier for consumers to know the prices without going to each
site alone. The website is one of the most famous websites in
this field.


Consumers can shop for prices
from their homes without going to the store, saving time and effort for buying
and selling. The spread of the Internet around the world has helped to reduce
geographical distances and to connect between the seller and the buyer.


Online promotion is an extension
of traditional promotion, but the difference lies in the marketing tools and
strategies, the most important of which is the website. The strength of
e-promotion lies in the ability to target consumers more accurately by defining
the demographic and psychological characteristics of the public. A large role
in attracting customers. It is also possible to design an electronic catalog
that includes various goods and services so that it is easy for the consumer to
easily browse among them. There are many websites J promotes online like who specializes in selling various scientific books and others.

People providing service:

The presence of the Internet
enabled companies to increase their communication with the public, enabling
them to better understand their purchasing trends and their views on the
products offered by the company, enabling companies to design products as
closely as possible from the public mindset.

Process Delivery Processes:

The process of providing the
service through the World Wide Web (WWW) has increased the degree of customer
satisfaction. The service is available 24 hours a day and the quality of
information provided to customers is increased.

Physical evidence:

Information technology (IT) has
provided many tools that have contributed to the offering of services offered
by the company over the Internet such as graphic design programs where the
company is able to communicate with customers more

Consumer behavior:

Consumer behavior: those
processes associated with an individual or group of individuals choosing,
buying, using, and disposing of a product, service, idea or even experience in
order to satisfy the needs and desires

Factors influencing consumer behavior are found in
five main groups:


Marketing mix variables

Psychological variables

Social variables

Positioning factors

A useful note away from the
question: that the word variables in these factors here means that it is
changed or affect that variable to make the consumer change his behavior to buy
that product and affect those variables are done by the marketing process, the
demographic characteristics are fixed according to them as well as the position
factors position He is the master of decision

What are the factors influencing the purchasing
behavior of the consumer?


The study of motives is one of
the main areas in the study of consumer behavior in order to identify the
reasons for the difference of individuals and among them in their behavior, and
their actions and motives are internal factors in the individual driven by the
needs and directed and coordinate the behavior of the individual to the conduct
of certain behavior, Marketing Study and understand the motivations that lead
the consumer to take a specific decision to buy.


Perception is the process in
which the mental impressions of an individual are formed when he receives,
organizes and interprets certain influences. As long as cognition leads to
thought and thought leads to action, the man of advertising is interested in
studying the cognitive process. It is noticeable that the consumer realizes the
goods and their effects through his impressions for the brand name; many
consumers are willing to pay higher prices for the commodity because of its


Education is concerned with the
process of obtaining different information and experiences as a result of
exposure to similar situations. Education and loyalty to the trade name is not
very related to each other. Most buyers rely on previous experience and the
advertisement plays a major role in establishing and strengthening consumer
loyalty. Of the commodity.


The interest in studying the
personality of the consumer is due to the fact that the personality reflects
the individual differences in behavior in the sense that individuals differ in
the degree of their response to similar effects depending on the personal
characteristics they enjoy.