Introduction experience using it. In addition to that I


As a recent graduate of the Gujarat
Technological University, my talents in the last five years as a student have
leaned towards drawings, design development, communication skill and
architectural presentation.

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My software skills/ hand drafting

I am proficient with Microsoft Office suite since high school.
This includes word, excel and Power point. I’m very comfortable using these
programs and I have good amount of experience using it. In addition to that I am
also comfortable with using AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop, the two software’s
that I have used for the design studio. These skills originated while studying
for my bachelors in Architecture, so as to prepare good presentation. I have
also used SkecthUp and Corel draw during my educational years, but I’m not
completely familiar with it.

Internship works

During the
7th semester, I did my internship with a firm based in the southern
part of India – Habitat Technology Group, under the chief architect Mr Gopal
Shankar, a 2011 Padmashri awardee. Over here I was a part of several projects
which included housing and hospitality. The work also included taking part in
site visit and client meetings. Working with 100 other employees I realised
that a successful project emerges from a team of members that include team of
architects, engineers, contractors and workers. Learning from the collective
perspective has helped me in working as a team, hence I’m skilled in easily
building rapport with the colleagues and I also adapt easily to organizational


in the fourth year (2016) of college I volunteered to be a part of a trip that
was about studying a city’s urban development. Over here I was involved in gathering
data on the city Udaipur in Rajasthan, India and its development. Being a highly
sought after tourist location in India because of its geographical features, in
groups we covered each part of the city’s land use, building pattern and other
elements and presented it in our class. This was followed by taking up an urban
development project of the city in the areas of public spaces, transportation,
tourism and landscape. As I was aware of the key points of my project, I was
able to articulate my speech clearly, which made me able to make a commendable


In 2012,
along with few classmates we took part in the West Zone NASA (National Association
of Students of Architecture) which is an annual four daylong event with
seminars and competition. Apart from that in 2015 I also volunteered to work
with a local artist to design a wedding set design for a former minister of the
country. The theme was to use natural material, hence we worked using materials
like bamboo, jute and palm leaves.


While studying for my bachelors I was a part of the
organisations called IIID (Institute
of Indian Interior Designers) Vadodara chapter,
where I have participated in numerous activities and seminars organised
by them. The seminars conducted by them included talks on the heritage of the
city which was aimed at spreading awareness about the conservation of
historical structures in our city amongst the young students and architects.
This happened to motivate me towards choosing the program architectural

I have participated in heritage walks conducted by the group Vadodara heritage
in my city; it is an NGO that aims at educating the citizens about the
significance of cultural heritage. As the best way of preservation is to share
it with others and it is our responsibility as citizens to keep it intact for
the coming generations.