INTRODUCTION digital technologies, and also it will further discuss


Technology has become a medium of creating fantasies into
reality. Film is one such form of art which is also considered as a product of
the development of science and technology. Film is one such medium for filmmaker
for turning their fantasies into reality. Without science and technology,
humans cannot have this magical art that can make our fantasies become reality.
Every revolution in the advancement of technology has dominated the development
of film direction throughout the history of film industry. However with the
emergence of digital technology since 1960, the whole film industry entered a
new era. People today from all over the world can experience an pleasant audio-visual
experience when they are watching their favourite films. Meanwhile, digital
technology has also given power to many filmmakers who have the great passion
to make their own movies easier than before. Now, everyone can make “films”.
This dissertation will study the evolution of the Indian film industry under
the emergence of digital technology from the perspective of interviews of some
professional film makers and practitioner, history of film development and film
industry economics. First of all, the research will address the current
situation of film industry, which will involve every important link of the film
industry such as production, distribution etc. Then it will further find the
fundamental changes hiding inside the industry to learn what exactly digital
technology really means to film industry. Finally, the dissertation will
address the impact of new digital technology on film industry.

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Key words: digital technology, film industry, film
production and distribution


This study will help to sort out the milestones in the development
of film making before the emergence of digital technologies, and also it will
further discuss about the changes to the film industry for 40 years after
application of digital technologies, including not only changes to film itself,
but also changed to the film industry. In addition, this dissertation will also
predicts what new technologies will dominate the film industry in the future. There
are few existing works that specialize on the relationship between digital
technology and the film industry. Most of them target certain sectors and how
progress in digital technology affects the film and audiences.


Digital Video technology has been widely used in several
areas, especially in the movie industry decades. The utilization of Digital
Video technology has lead in pre production to high quality Movies and offers a
better audience experiences for consumers. Technology providers kept updating
their equipment to make a easier entry for more people to utilize. Therefore,this
dissertation will give an detail idea in order to deeply understand how Digital
Video technology has affected the development of movie industry and the
relationship between them.